Communism is Alive and Well in the Democratic Party. June 23, 2022.

Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, husband and wife pseudo-liberal/communist, American activists, advocated the strategy in 1966 of overloading local and state welfare roles creating bureaucratic and welfare disruption and chaos forcing the federal government to assume responsibility for welfare (national “solution” to poverty). This was the stated goal of their program.They hoped to deepen divisions within the Democratic Party itself and the country as a whole creating a drive for a national guaranteed annual income, a disaster that would lead to the nation’s economic destruction. This was their real goal.

The far-left Democratic Party’s response to Covid-19 pandemic over the last 12 years of spending trillions of dollars on social programs has fueled inflation to the highest level in 40 years. Also, paying people more generously than the traditional unemployment rate and for a longer period encourages them to stay home with destructive effects on their work functioning and on the economic health of the nation . Here, the stated goal of helping people at a time of national crisis while producing catastrophic results for millions identifies these actions as the operation of the emotional plague. Although the Cloward-Piven strategy is rarely currently mentioned today, the subversive destructive effects of damaging and undermining the United States economy and fiscal system of today’s economic policies identifies the real goal of the far-left and the CPUSA (Communist Party USA), groups that are out to destroy the nation.

The Emotional Plague Thrives on Public Ignorance and Confusion. (June 16, 2022)

The public’s confusion regarding the differences between healthy (core) and pathological human sexuality has resulted in the eruption of the emotional plague from the destructive secondary layer into public life by legitimizing and promoting all sorts of pathological social attitudes and behaviors from people’s destructive secondary layer.

An example of the emotional plague, targeted for children aged 3-11, is the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) which is being promoted to “inspire a love of reading, while teaching deeper lessons on diversity, self love and an appreciation of others.” Hosted by drag queens who read children’s books in public libraries, the events are designed to “instill the imagination and play of gender fluidity of childhood and give kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models”.

There are at least 50 official chapters of DQSH spread internationally, that hold reading events in public places. The New York chapter incorporated as a non-profit has received funds from the New York Public Library to buy books, pay for queens, and training to ensure that the queens talk effectively to children and their parents about gender identity and drag (See “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Wikipedia).

Politicization is the Plague’s Preferred Method of Destruction for America, June 12, 2021.

From the anti-authoritarian transformation of America that started in the 1960’s we have learned that the emotional plague’s best way to destroy this nation is by dividing it along political lines. Coincidentally, this was the time when the U.S. Supreme Court legitimized communism, which in the past had been generally acknowledged as the expression of human evil. Today, it is considered to be benign, just another form of politics. This was a major step that allowed the emotional plague of mankind, which previously had been contained in people’s destructive secondary layer, to be freely expressed through politics from the social surface. A result was that it permitted political candidates with communist related, past affiliations to be elected to Congress as ordinary candidates. Today, the communist party in America, CPUSA, is protected and placed on an equal footing with any other political party.

Simultaneously, from a functional viewpoint, the 60’s was the time when the relationship of the American two party system, the Democratic and Republican Party’s, changed from one of attractive opposition to one of antagonistic opposition. This change in their relationship made it increasingly impossible for members of both parties to politically work together for the best interests of the American nation.

This subject is covered in my forthcoming book: “The Demise of Politics: A Book of Blogs.”

Emotionally Sick People, Not Guns, Kill People. June 6, 2022.

Focusing on guns as the reason for why people kill is a manifestation of armored human thinking, another symptom of the emotional plague. The focus on guns is a politically based evasion that prevents people from seeing what is happening around them. The process of a person becoming a socially destructive adult starts early in the developmental, childhood years. It has nothing to do with politics.

It takes parents raising children in an emotionally contactful healthy manner that prevents the development of armor In children and its many socially destructive consequences from being expressed as adults. Without applying the knowledge that is available today to the whole of society, child development will continue to be disturbed in varying degrees and some children will become prone to socially destructive behavior in one form or another. Since this is a bio-social, not a political problem, knowledge of emotional human life and development, healthy and pathological, is essential.

In cases of mass shootings, the shooter often issues warning signs telling the world that something destructive is about to happen. It is their desperate, psychotic attempt to retain emotional contact with the real world. Because of the general public’s clueless mind-set, these signs fall on deaf ears until the threatened, tragic event actually takes place.

In the past authoritarian era, things were different. Emotionally crippled, dysfunctional people were usually recognized as mentally ill, and could be responsibly cared for in psychiatric hospitals.

Thanks to the anti-authoritarian transformation of society, the popularization of psychotropic medications and today’s ‘freedom-for-all’ social mantra in the rules of social behavior, institutions no longer exist for the care of this severely dysfunctional segment of the population.

Legislation advocating gun control is simply a misdirected political solution. It is an evasion and another, unrecognized symptom of the emotionally armored politicians’ interference into public life in maintaining their political power.

The Unrecognized Stepwise Invasion of the Emotional Plague Into Personal and Social Life. May, 30, 2022.

How can the existence of the emotional plague be recognized as a socially destructive human disease when the biological importance of emotions in regulating human social life is not generally understood?

A major function of the plague’s destructive operation in social life is to deny and eliminate the importance that emotions play in regulating human social life. The psychiatric profession has successfully done its part in accomplishing this step by ignoring a natural scientific, functional understanding of human emotional life that is provided by medical orgonomy and treating people’s emotional disorders exclusively with pharmacological agents.

As a result of the plague’s operation of obfuscation, the masses of people today believe that their personal emotionally based problems are insignificant and the result of biochemical disorders exclusively in the brain. This generally unrecognized consequence of mechanistic thinking is a symptom of the emotional plague’s operation in people’s daily life. It furthers people’s illusion that they have no responsibility in the emotionally based personal and social problems that govern their individual and social lives. It intensifies people’s already present high level of ocular armor in preventing perspective of what is happening emotionally within themselves and in todays world.

The first step is for people to recognize from a natural scientific perspective the importance of emotions in governing their lives. Then it can be possible to take the second step, to recognize the existence and operation of the emotional plague. The practice of psychotropic medication in many cases functions defensively in an opposite manner, to evade recognizing people’s personally based emotional problems and the belief that drugs are the answer to people’s problems.

Another Marriage of Convenience of the Emotional Plague May 28, 2022.

With Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, the black fascist character and Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin has found it necessary to demonstrate a temporary marriage of convenience with its hated rival for world domination, the red fascist regime and its counterpart, communist China, against their common enemy, America and the free world. This was an emotional plague tactic and a political step reminiscent of the pact that Hitler made with the communist dictator Josef Stalin prior to the Nazi’s invasion of Russia at the start of the Second World War. The current example demonstrated to the world the affinity that the fascist dictators and forms of government have for each other and that both forms of fascism, black and red, and corressponding political character types, are one and the same. They are not seen by the mystically led clueless masses for who they really are either before they are are given power by their people, when they are doing their social and political mischief or often even afterwards.

The Buffalo Massacre: One More Unrecognized Symptom of the Emotional plague

Before any disease can be treated it must first be accurately identified. The emotional plague is a social disease of armored people that thrives in everyday life and, yet, the masses continue to be oblivious of it and deny its existence. Keeping it unacknowledged and out of public awareness by politicizing its manifestations and blaming it on the left or the right is an unconscious defensive tactic of armored humans, a powerful ocular symptom that serves to maintain the plague’s daily operation and keep this malignant, socially invasive disease unrecognized and in existence everywhere. The plague will continue its destructiveness until it is publicly recognized, diagnosed and treated as a real bio-social disease of armored humans.

On Recognizing and Treating the Emotional Plague

In order to effectively treat this malignant social disease of armored humans its symptoms must first be recognized as existing and operating simultaneously between socio-political forces of the political left and the right and that it can exist on all social levels from the individual to national and international levels of organization. For example, it is often not possible to recognize the destructive consequences taking place between a plague-ridden political leader and the masses of people who are supporting and being led by him. The reason for this is that the relationship between the plague leader and the plague-ridden masses, a pathological, dynamic one of attractive opposition, is not recognized. In fact, both are component social symptoms of the disease, emotional plague. One force cannot exist without the operation of the other. Today, the social consequence of this opposing, political relationship is bringing down and will eventually destroy the once greatness of this nation. Bringing politics into social problems of armored humans is the latest defensive symptom of ocularly armored people’s manuver at distracting themselves by looking outward through their defensive ideologies and thereby avoiding looking inward to face their personal problems. With the help of the news media, this brings the emotional plague through political activity to new heights into public life.

The Lefts Mystical Attack On the Supreme Court

For the political left, the intellect reigns supreme. However, the opposite is also true. The intellect can also be used in its defensive function as propaganda, a symptom of the emotional plague, for gaining political power and control over others. This has been amply demonstrated in the confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to become a U.S. Supreme Court associate justice, in Washington, on March 23, 2022 (See Roger L Simon’s article in The Epoch Times on March 23, 2022). For example, when asked to define the word “woman,” she became evasive and responded. by saying “I can’t.” The reason she gave was that she is not a biologist which was another evasion. The real reason that she did not answer the question is that she is a progressive (old-time communist) ideologue. That is, her mind is made up about the way the world of humans including their sexuality should be like according to her pre-formed views, not the way it really is. From a bio-psychiatric perspective, her belief system is a cognitive disturbance, a symptom of ocular armor, and is the reason that she can never be in touch with the reality of the way things actually are in the world. For her, words and ideas like “transgender” have replaced reality and been given a mystical life and meaning of their own, a substitute for reality.

Simon’s calling Jackson’s responses to the hearing a Big Lie is another way of moralizing what is happening and another evasion that functions to conceal recognition of the ideological war consisting of the emotional plague’s operation between the political left and the right in America today.

A Leopard Doesn’t Change Its Spots: Tsar Vladimir

During the time of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Putin was a communist loyal KGB hack, a red fascist character. After its fall, Putin cleverly worked his way up the ranks of a corrupt Russian political system to become the President and leader of the Russian nation. In doing so he built strong political alliances and established a close, mystical ties with the Russian Orthodox Church. His stated political goal was to return Russia back to its pre-Soviet glory. Reading between the lines of this statement, Putin admires being compared to the old-time leader of Russia, the Tsar. By taking control of the election process, he was assured to remain indefinitely in his role as absolute ruler without effective opposition. These were some the factors that allowed him to turn from a red fascist puppet into a black fascist dictator. Then he could claim that since Ukraine was part of Russia, its invasion, destruction and theft of the country’s wealth, his true goals, was a legitimate action. 

Putin will get away with his criminal activity because the existence and operation of the emotional plague is publicly sanctioned in today’s world. If it had been otherwise, a loyal ex-KGB officer and a characterological thief would never have been elected as president and been given complete control of that country. The next question in store for the world is what will be the next country that Putin will attempt to steal for himself.