Woke Ideology is a Symptom, Not a Disease. September 8, 2022.

Before the destructiveness of any ideology can be fully understood and socially treated, it must first be recognized as a symptom of an underlying disorder. Woke ideology is one of the numerous poorly recognized destructive symptoms of armored humans, the emotional plague. It will continue its invasiveness and destructiveness on American society until a sufficient number of people open their eyes and see its destructive manifestations on their lives. The emotional plague’s only weapon of defense is to keep itself from being publicly recognized.

The Intolerance to Freedom is a Symptom of People’s Armored Condition. September 3, 2022.

We know from psychiatry that symptoms are the result of two opposing forces operating unconsciously within people. American politicians and others in this country who become involved in politics as solutions for social problems have an intolerance to enjoy the freedom that it is still possible to have living in this country. Their involvement in politics is a symptom of opposing forces of their armor operating within them, their longing to be free of the restrictions of their armored state on the one hand and, at the same time, their incapacity to tolerate the ability to be free, on the other. These forces have to do with social orgonomy. They have nothing to do with “politics”.

Politics is Dead, Or is it? August 26, 2022.

Just when you thought that politics was finally dying, our politicians in control of Congress magically pull one more rabbit out of the bag: They excuse all student loans. The effect of this masterful trick is to gain political support among the masses of young students who are heavily in debt to the government with student loans. With the public’s, not their own money, the wonderfully generous politicians have decided to eliminate the student’s financial debt to the government. Now, the student debt falls on the hard working American taxpayer and the non-productive politicians regain their lost political power over people.

Formal Democracy Versus True Democracy. August 25, 2022.

With the demise of the Federalist Party and starting with the Jefferson Administration at the beginning of the 19th century, American democracy was destined to become nothing but a political ideal, a democracy in name only, not a true, functioning democracy that the Founding Fathers wanted. Called formal democracy, this development was based on an idealistic way of thinking that was to become a symptom of American national politics. It was the result of the biophysical incapacity of the armored American public to function socially independently and responsibly as a true democracy. The formation of the two-party American political system, a socio-political symptom that developed during the Jeffersonian Administration, was the result. It came about as a necessary form of social armor – the opposing social forces that in recent decades became politicized as the political left and the right – that temporarily preserved the infant American nation. This two-party, political system survived until around the middle of the 20th century when it broke down, a result of the transformation of society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian in the mid-1960s. At this time, American society as a whole and the two party system, in particular, began to disintegrate. This was a time when people began losing contact with themselves biophysically, with their identity as Americans and when the 19th century ideal of a formal democracy was abandoned. A symptom of their contactless state, groups of young people today are left at odds with each other, adrift and in a state of cluelessness about the breakdown of their society that is happening rapidly around them. They are at the mercy of their know-nothing, emotional plague-ridden politicians who claim to know what is happening in America and how to help and take care of the people. Unknowingly, Americans are immersed in the end stage of a disease manifested in the socio-political realm that started over two centuries ago and is about to destroy what remains viable of the American nation..

On Treating A Disease Without Recognizing Its Existence. August 20, 2022.

In her article in The Atlantic, How Social Justice Became a New Religion, Helen Lewis gives many examples of the pathological symptoms of people’s socially rooted biological disease in everyday life, the emotional plague, without knowing that this pathological condition of armored humans exists. This kind of information is useless from a preventative point of view in today’s anti-authoritarian social order because the underlying disease is not identified and therefore cannot be treated. To make matters worse, most people do not realize that there has been a fundamental transformation of our society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that started over fifty years ago and is today in the process of destroying our nation. There is a high level of cluelessness in the general public regarding these essential matters that must first be recognized and addressed before social conditions can improve.

On Recognizing The Emotional Plague. August 3, 2022.

The emotional plague in today’s world is running rampant and destroying what remains viable of our society. Yet it remains unrecognized by almost everyone. Why is this so?

There are three reasons why people are clueless about the existence of the emotional plague. They are symptoms of their armored way of thinking.

  1. People have no understanding of the importance of emotional life in health and illness.
  2. People habitually think about almost anything and everything morally in terms of good versus bad
  3. People are incapable of thinking about the plague functionally as a bio-medical, infectious disease that is no different than any other human affliction like the common cold.

The Entrance of the Emotional Plague into Early Child Development. July 30, 2022.

Before the transformation of western society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian and accompanying the contributions of Freud and Reich, the science of early child development was on a natural developmental course. It was possible at that time for authorities in the psychiatric profession to distinguish what was generally healthy and sick emotional behavior.

With the transformation this knowledge together with individual authority was completely abandoned. Today, what is considered healthy, natural child development is in the province of any self-proclaimed expert in the field. As a result, all forms of childhood and adolescent behavior, no matter how pathological, have become considered “normal”, unrecognized symptoms of the emotional plague breaking through to the social surface and creating social havoc in today’s anti-authoritarian society. By generating confusion, the plague is eliminating standards of healthy and pathological human behavior in front of everyone’s eyes. Its goal is to destroy the existing social order and replace it with its’ own ideology. Examples include the legitimization of homosexuality, transgenderism and other forms of pathological human behavior as natural forms of healthy social behavior. The plague’s function is its goal of being in total control of social life.

On Recognizing the Emotional plague and the Solution of Christianity. July, 27, 2022.

How can the emotional plague be recognized as a malignant human disease that exists endemically in everyone when the importance of emotions in determining human life is not recognized and understood? Recognition of this social pathology is perceived as a threat that comes up against the narcissistic defensive integrity of the armored masses of people. People cannot recognize the existence of the plague because they perceive it as an attack on themselves.

The problem of recognizing the emotional plague was partially solved by Christian dogma through the mystical concept of original sin. In order to be a true Christian people had to mystically believe that they were sinners that were “born in sin” and that through belief in Jesus Christ the savior their souls after death would be saved from eternal damnation.

This solution was only partially correct. Through functional thinking we know that people are not sinners “born in sin”. They become sinners as a result of armor formed in childhood. The emotional plague is a real physical disease, not a mystical abstraction. Therefore, the correct solution to humanity’s sick condition is to replace people’s mystical concept of “sin” with the functional term, emotional plague.

“The Consequence of the Anti-authoritarian Transformation of America”. July 22, 2022.

In America prior to the 1960s, almost all members of both political parties together with the electorate were united in their feelings of loyalty and gratitude to be Americans. Around this time there occurred an infestation of politics from the far left into the public mainstream and the attitudes and feelings of people toward America began to change. America started to become polarized along the political lines of the left and the right. A person’s personal, individual ideas were turned into socio-political ideas. However, the issues that were used to be polarized had and still have nothing whatsoever to do with politics!

People seeking political solutions has become a symptom of the emotional plague in today’s anti-authoritarian era. It is overdetermined for several reasons:

  1. People are conditioned to think about their personal problems as politically based social problems. 
  2. This way of seeing outwardly and thinking about social problems politically is a defense that prevents people from looking inwardly at the important personal problems in their lives that need to be addressed.  
  3. The focus on politics maintains peoples illusion that politicians are the ones with the answers to social problems. It puts the mindless public in the hands of self-serving politicians.

Therefore, the pathological, functional relationship between the politicians in power and the public at large in today’s highly polarized society is one of attractive opposition.

Although the polarization is publicly recognized, most people are not aware that it was the result of the social disease, the emotional plague, that is responsible for the generally unrecognized transformation of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian. The social disease first invaded into politics in the 1960s and has already destroyed the basis of the two party system in America. Thanks to the successful activity of the political far left, it is in the process of eliminating the entire nation in front of everyone’s eyes.

On the Destruction of the American Nation Through Politics. June 28, 2022.

America is being destroyed from within in front of everyone’s eyes and no one is able to see the operation of the emotional plague at work. People’s inability to see the destructiveness that is happening must be recognized as a major ocular symptom of the armored masses of the American people. The deterioration of the American nation will continue to accelerate and ultimately bring about its demise. This tragedy will certainly happen unless a sufficient number a people “wake up” and see the destructiveness that is happening before it is too late.

Respect and gratitude for living in this great nation and loyalty to America no longer means anything to an increasing number of Americans today. Therefore, the first and most important step is for people to focus on their ocular disturbance, on people’s inability to see the existence and the reality of the emotional plague in operation, the deadly social disease of armored humans that is destroying our country. The political bickering and looking for solutions on the left and the right, which plays into the destructive objectives of the emotional plague for America, must stop. This is a major, unrecognized bio-social disease manifesting on a national scale, not a political one that can be “fixed” by politicians.