On Not Recognizing the Demise of Politics. November 13, 2022.

The publics not recognizing that politics in today’s anti-authoritarian society is dead and no longer workable as it once did in the past authoritarian era is because they remain stuck in their usual mechanistic-mystical ways of thinking, a symptom of their ocular armor. It keeps them thinking rigidly and politically along the ideological lines of the political left and right, in ways in which social conditions existed in the past authoritarian era and in the belief that conditions still exist in todays disintegrating, anti-authoritarian American society as they once did in the past. This dangerous belief, a symptom of ocular armor in the masses renders them helpless and incapable of seeing the destructiveness that is happening in politics and doing something to stop it from destroying our nation.

However, before the illusion of politics can be officially pronounced dead there must first be something viable with which to replace it. Extrication from the bane of politics is provided in the knowledge of functional thinking and in the new science of social orgonomy.


My book,”The Demise of Politics, A Book of Blogs” will be published in 2023.


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