On The Reason That the Emotional Plague is not Recognized. November 21, 2022.

People cannot recognize the reality of evil or the existence of the emotional plague’s destructiveness on human life because the mechanistic\mystical ways of their thinking about social problems prevents them from seeing what is happening in front of their eyes. These ways do not correspond to the reality of what is happening in the world around them. They are a major ocular symptom resulting in thought disturbances, a condition known as thought disorders in psychiatry, operating socially in everyone including our pundits today. Through the ages, mechanistic/mystical thinking about social problems of armored humans has been the hand maiden of the devil, a.k.a. the emotional plague.

In order to understand and effectively deal with what is happening socially and politically in our world a new, entirely different way of thinking, functional thinking, is necessary so that the operation of peoples emotional plague’s operation in daily life can be recognized and addressed as a form of social pathology.


  1. This is thought provoking ; makes me think of the public’s refusal to grasp what crime is for example., (traditional money crimes, robbery, shootings, assaults etc.) Evil is instead mystified but factually perhaps all crimes are simply emanations from the secondary layer in “half ass unarmored” malevolent characters.
    As a generality , do not law abiding more securely armored people in Western society hide their secondary layer but actually, whether consciously in their verbal egos or not, end up supporting crime and licensing it over and over ad nauseam by having prisons pay for food, exercise, activities, yard camaraderie, prison “social culture” and “prison life?”
    This “punishment” does not cause repression of the secondary layer impulses in criminals and thus licenses recidivism.This western society reluctance to “land with both feet” on criminals is professed as “being civil and not like those animals.” In Orgonomy we know that the problem is not that criminals are savage like innocent animals, the problem is that they are not savage enough, (unlike savage harmonious crime free Trobriand Islanders in the 19th century).
    Maybe in truth the reluctance is really because the college educated lawmakers know deep down they themselves have this secondary layer, and also because crime keeps armor regenerating by perpetuating anxiety in society, and many people feel mistakenly because of illness that they want and need anxiety and armor and crime and war.
    In reality, as a homicide detective once said, after a couple of years on the job he realized “anyone is capable of anything”.
    In actuality the precious U.S. constitution could easily be scrapped and rewritten. All prisons could be permanently closed if different punishments were actually savage enough to cause the criminal community to shrink and repress themselves or “armor up again” as it were. This would not Orgonomically heal or be good for any criminals or their families in an Orgonomic sense, (and might make Hitler look like Mother Teresa), but all crime would stop within a short period…That revamped criminal justice system scenario actually taking place, however, will never happen at least not for hundreds of years , (just as the public’s armor softening to a degree that no crime takes place will also never happen for many many years, if ever).The armored human masses seem on the inside, en masse, to want disintegration, violence, crime, anxiety, impotence, and then even the occasional war to really let off steam…. but they all always say otherwise of course on the outside..especially those spouting democratic idealism

    • Through the application contained in the science of social orgonomy, we have reason to be optimistic about our future.

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