What People Are Saying:

Location:  Princeton, NJ

Thank you for your clear vision and life-supporting work, Dr. Konia.

Location:  Doylestown, PA

This is my belated thank you for all of your help over the past three years.  It is always strange for me to say goodbye to a professional who has helped me so much.  One day you have a close relationship, and the next it is over.  It must be strange for you as well.  One day you know how a patient is doing.  And then they are gone, and you are left to wonder.

I have so much to be grateful for, and when I count my blessings, you are right on top.  You are the kindest and most effective person I have ever worked with, and my days are peppered with your comments and, yes, even lots of your exercises.  They are good to fall back on when things get too busy or I lose track of myself.  It seems that every day I gain more humility as I chip away at myself, unearthing the real essence that I know is lurking below.          I don’t think that process ever ends.  It probably shouldn’t.  For now, all I know is that the work never ends, but the process itself is rewarding.  I am so content, and I have you to thank for it.

Location:  Kutztown PA

It recently occurred to me that for my entire adult life I have been looking for something, but I didn’t know what it was.  I was always on a mission to improve myself; to do this better, that better, look better.  Well, over the course of the last two years things inside me started to shift.  As you know, I’ve gone through some tremendously distressful periods.  But I believe I have finally found what I was looking for.  It was there all along inside me, although it took quite a bit of work to release it—the capacity to feel.

For me, the whole course of therapy over many years has boiled down to one thing—allowing myself to feel.  It’s difficult for me to put into words what a profoundly different way of being this is, but I’m sure you know.  When I walk outside in nature now, it is the most magnificent three dimensional worlds of sights, sounds and smells.  The immensity and beauty I feel are beyond words—they bring me to tears.   

For most of my life I felt like I never belonged.  Whoever I was with socially, wherever I lived, I always felt like an outsider.  Well now, walking outside, feeling life inside and around me, I finally feel like I belong. 

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through this process.  Your contact, your kindness, your sound advice, your humor, and your peerless skills as an orgonomist have meant everything to me.

By the way, I am reading your book for the third time—great book!

Location:  Reading, PA

The Emotional Plague is one of the best books I have ever read. It was truly a pleasure to read each and every time I picked it up. The breadth and depth of information presented were astounding. Page after page, I was impressed by the richness of insight. For its content alone, this book must be read. Yet what was so exciting about it for me was Dr. Konia’s manner of thinking. Dr. Konia’s thoughts are simple, clear, direct, and biologically based. This is a feeling based way of thought rather than an intellectually based one. It is the kind of thought that arises from a deep connection with oneself and nature, and this is where truth lies. Sadly, many of us have lost the ability to see what is right in front of us. Dr. Konia has not lost this ability. Many times as I read this book I thought, “Why don’t we all know this already? It is so obvious!” Such clarity of thought is rare, exhilarating and profoundly touching.

Location:  Anonymous

“I am assimilating and integrating the info in Dr. Konia’s book to the extent that it is helping my functioning.  Communication with my family and friends and my understanding of myself (character structure/bioemotional system) is better than it has ever been.

Age, life experience and therapy have made a great difference, but the understanding of human life, human interaction, nature and the cosmos that is expressed by Dr. Konia (and I am still a novice in the subject matter) in the Emotional Plague is clearing up my view of life and myself.  The compulsive truth-seeker is beginning to see the real truth in a less compulsive way.  To what degree I am not sure, but no matter how little (or much) it may be, I am enjoying the ride.

Please pass my thanks (deeper and clearer thanks) on to Dr. Konia.  I would like him to know that his efforts, talent and dedication to the truth (about how nature functions) has affected me and my life more than I could have imagined.”

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