Neither Nore

Neither Left Nor Right by Charles Konia, M.D.

Table of Contents

Read the Preface

Ever since humans have had to take responsibility for governing themselves, they have shown that they have been unable to do so successfully. Every good social idea and rational social endeavor has, sooner or later, backfired and made conditions worse than they originally were. Think of the Communist revolutions of the 20th century, the revolution in Iran, Wilsonʼs dream of a League of Nations, or Rooseveltʼs idea of the United Nations.

Peopleʼs attempts to govern themselves naturally lead to looking for political solutions. However, it soon becomes apparent that politics bogs down into a battle between two divergent outlooks, the political views of the Left and Right. Yet no one has ever asked what is the origin of peopleʼs different views of the same social situation, and why does every social issue end up in a conflict between the opposing forces of the Left and the Right.

Neither Left Nor Right shows that the problem has to do with the way people look for solutions. They seek outside of themselves, never looking inward. This book shows that the source of humanityʼs social problems in America originates not primarily from the external political forces impinging on people, but from forces within their own biological structure. This is the reason that political solutions always have, and always will, fail.

For genuine social improvement to occur, there must be fundamental biological changes in peopleʼs structure.

News & Reviews

David Zucker, director of An American Carol

“Dr. Charles Konia is right on his book, Neither Left Nor Right. He vividly demonstrates why American society is declining because of liberal social experiments gone awry. The book is a clarion call and warning for all who love America and want to bequeath the America of our founders to our children and grandchildren.”

Actor Robert Davi

“Neither Left Nor Right is a book that every college student should read to counter the progressive influence of the left in our universities. This book does to print what the documentary 2016: Obama’s America did to film.”

Former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft
“Spot on. Neither Left Nor Right hits the nail on the head in explaining how America got to the political morass that we now face. Insightful and brilliantly researched and written, this is a book that anyone who loves this nation needs to read over and over again.”

Kelsey Grammer
“Neither Left Nor Right” hits the ball out of the ballpark. Dr. Charles Konia addresses the causes of our political thinking over the course of our life. He captures the essence of the failures that all the great social experiments over time have wreaked on society. Without a doubt, Dr. Konia’s analysis can explain what we are witnessing in our own current political environment. This is a must read for anyone who is questions how our nation has gotten into its current condition and seeks a way to save it. Dr. Konia is to be commended for this outstanding work of research and explaining it in a way that anyone can understand. I hope everyone who cares about their country and worries about its future will read this book and grasp its message”

Dennis Miller
“Dr. Charles Konia gets it. Our nation is seeing a decay in its values and institutions. This doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t necessarily happen because of evil intentions but in this case good intentions that have gone awry. Remember that old adage, ‘no good deed goes unpunished’? Well Dr. Konia explains why every great social experiment in history has made conditions worse. This is a book that the creators of Obamacare should have read before they went forward with that monstrosity and one they should read now and all Americans worried about the fate of this nation should read before it is too late.”

Zell Miller
“I was honored to recommend Dr. Konia’s first book, “The Emotional Plague” and am highly honored to recommend his sequel, “Neither Left Nor Right”. This book is masterful and a must read for anyone who loves our nation and is concerned with its current direction. Dr. Konia has carefully and skillfully researched this subject to explain how social experiments designed since the beginning of time with all of the best intentions have failed and made the problems worse. We are witnessing the same today in our nation. Our country has become a giant laboratory for social engineering and as a result we are losing our national identity and national fabric. “Neither Left Nor Right” shows how this happens and is a clarion call for all patriotic Americans to take action before this nation follows the path of ancient Greece and Rome. I have no doubt that years from now, this book will be mandatory reading in political science classes across the nation in explaining the decline in America and how some sought to avert disaster.”

Patricia Heaton
“If you want to understand liberalism in today’s America, you need to get into the mindset of a liberal. Dr. Charles Konia does this in an insightful and well-researched way in “Neither Left Nor Right”. This book explains the failure of modern liberalism despite the best desired intentions. Dr. Konia shows how today’s liberal philosophy has emerged and why it is has failed in every society that pursued it.”

Jon Voight
“Crisp and insightful. “Neither Left Nor Right” shows how we develop our political beliefs and explains the total failure of liberalism as we know it today. Highly recommend for all who want to understand today’s political climate.”

Mark Furham
“Neither Left Nor Right” follows in the path of Dr. Konia’s earlier book, “The Emotional Plague”. It blows the lid off of why leftist policies have failed around the world and are failing here. With the continued failure of Obamacare no book could be more timely than this book.”

Stephen Baldwin
Do you want to know why Obamacare has failed? Read “Neither Left Nor Right” by Dr. Charles Konia. This book blows the myths away of the liberal agenda and shows why liberalism has failed America. If Americans had been able to read it prior to 2012, we would have had a different President.”

Pat Boone
“If anyone wants to know why America is in the morass that it is in today, they should read “Neither Left Nor Right” by Dr. Charles Konia. This book explains why western civilization is in decline and offers a plan on how to save it. Dr. Konia is a true patriot and this book is a must read for those who want to change the direction of our nation and leave our children and grandchildren with the freedoms we have so often taken for granted.”

Armchair Reviews
“Neither Left Nor Right” is a must read book. In a well written and documented style, Dr. Konia details an explanation for the failures of social experimenting. The book and author demonstrate how our political thought develops and how misguided but well intentioned policies have failed since the beginning of time. This book will spark debate and political thought. Expect to hear a lot about this book in the coming weeks as political debate heats up. This book rates 5 stars.”

Actress Angie Harmon
“Strongly written with deep research and pertinent for today’s society. This book explains our political climate and where we are headed.”

World Net Daily
“A must read for anyone interested in today’s political climate and why progressive policies will destroy America. Dr. Charles Konia stands out among academics in finding the causes of what afflicts our political climate and the death knell that progressive policies will sound for America. Neither Left Nor Right should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the thinking behind Obamacare and other leftist policies being pushed on America.”

Karin Agness, founder of National Conservative Women’s Network.
“Excellent book and a must read for all who love America and worry about our future. I urge members of the National Conservative Women’s Network to order and read Neither Left Nor Right by Dr. Charles Konia.”

H-Net Reviews
“Thought provoking and provocative. Neither Left Nor Right attempts to delve into the mind of American thought. Whether you agree or not with the conclusions, the author researched and amassed his arguments in a way designed to create intellectual debate and thoughtful analysis. This is a must read for anyone interested in political thought or social science.”

Indie Book Reviews
“Insightful, intricately researched, Neither Left Nor Right takes the reader into the mind of today’s political thought in America. In a masterly sequel to his first book, The Emotional Plague, Dr. Charles Konia takes the reader into the rationale for today’s progressive thought. Weaving together studies and history, Dr. Konia gives the reader a reason why our national political discourse is polarized and why continued social experimenting will put America on the same road as ancient Rome and Greece. This book is a five star winner.”

Penny Nance, Concerned Women for America
“A must read for all who value freedom. Neither Left Nor Right will lead you to the right thought for America and its future.”

Book Views
“Concise and heavy-hitting. “Neither Left Nor Right” is not your typical political book. Rather than hit you with polarizing rhetoric that you will either agree with and continue to read or disagree with and throw the book away, Dr. Charles Konia developed a rational thought process to explain America’s current political and governmental climate. Expertly researched and explained this is a must read for anyone who wants a scholarly approach to explaining how we have reached our political thought process.”

Bookpage Bookreviews
“Neither Left Nor Right by Dr. Charles Konia is a masterpiece of the first degree in explaining our dysfunctional political system and why we are getting the politics and government that we voted for in the last few elections. Dr. Konia takes apart in a scholarly and well-researched way, today’s progressive thought and demonstrates why it is doomed to fail.”

Claremont Review of Books
“Misguided policies guised in the light of enlightened liberalism have been the cause of the decline and fall of many civilizations. In Neither Left Nor Right, Dr. Charles Konia shows how the best of intentioned social policies fail and create chaos and strife. This book is a must read as we witness the unraveling of social policies that were meant to solve America’s problems.”

Mark Fuhrman
“Neither Left Nor Right” follows in the path of Dr. Konia’s earlier book, “The Emotional Plague”. It blows the lid off of why leftist policies have failed around the world and are failing here. With the continued failure of Obamacare no book could be more timely than this book.”

Chris Ruddy, Editor of NewsMax
“If there is one must read book for politicians and leaders as we prepare for the 2014 election it is Neither Right Nor Left by Dr. Charles Konia. It explains why liberal policies such as Obamacare are doomed to fail and a prescription on what type of policies and rational thought will restore this nation.”
“Neither Left Nor Right” is succinct and well-researched. The book explains the current political and governmental gridlock that Americans are experiencing. It offers an explanation on how this nation reached this point and the consequences that could ensue if we do not take corrective action. This book is ideal for college students who want to study political thought and public policy.”
“Neither Left Nor Right” is succinct and well-researched. The book explains the current political and governmental gridlock that Americans are experiencing. It offers an explanation on how this nation reached this point and the consequences that could ensue if we do not take corrective action. This book is ideal for college students who want to study political thought and public policy.”

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The Emotional Plague by Charles Konia, M.D.

The Emotional Plague by Charles Konia, M.D.

Table of Contents

Read the Preface

In this far-reaching, extensively researched, scholarly work, psychiatrist Charles Konia, M.D. makes the first comprehensive exploration and development of the concepts first published in Reich’s 1933 The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

Dr. Konia’s groundbreaking, highly original book examines and explores from a unique, non-psychological perspective the pathology in human nature that has not only given us the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein, but also explains how brutalizing despicable acts have been perpetrated upon children and adults over the centuries right through to the present. Everyday examples of emotional plague behavior include not only obvious torture, murder and social mayhem, but also the father who humiliates his happy, hardworking son, the so-called “friend” who spreads vicious gossip, the teacher who constantly “puts down” students, the small-minded who engage in acts of discrimination.

This book will open your eyes to why every “great” social program failed in its original mission; why America is increasingly hated throughout the world; why the resolution of every important social problem becomes hopelessly mired in a conflict between the political left and right; why a handful of despotic leaders have been able to enslave millions of people; and why standards of decency and excellence continue to decline.

Made accessible through examples of social case studies, Dr. Konia’s book shows ways to contain this pestilence and explores ways to undercut and diminish this hidden-in-plain-sight, pervasive and increasingly destructive force in human society.

News & Reviews

Zell Miller
“Today’s world is confronted with dangers and evil that knows no national boundary and has no rational explanation. From random school shootings to Islamic fascism, we face a decline in our society that dwarfs anything previous generations have experienced. Dr. Charles Konia in his masterful work, THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE explores how these dangers have evolved over time and offers an insight of unparalleled expertise in examining and explaining the mind of such individuals. I am pleased to see how he shows that today’s so-called liberals (or as he calls them pseudo-liberals) have betrayed liberal thought and principles. This is a book that anyone involved in government, law enforcement, or parenting should read, learn from and act upon.”

Hillel I. Swiller, M.D
“Charles Konia is the finest contemporary expositor of the work of Wilhelm Reich. This is an extremely valuable contribution to sadly neglected areas of psychology and political science.”

Mark Furhman
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE by Dr. Charles Konia is a book that law enforcement officers and prosecutors should welcome. It examines the causes of root evil and the senseless actions that law enforcement encounters daily. Written by a psychiatrist it is hard hitting and has none of the leftist agenda we see put out by others in Dr. Konia’s field. Rather, Dr. Konia addresses the issues and doesn’t attempt to blame society or law enforcement for the evil that is committed. He has a firm understanding of evil and this book is timely and welcome.”

Patricia Heaton
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE is a must read book for any American concerned with the decline of our politics and social fabric. The author looks at and identifies the causes of our social decline as a country and how it should be addressed. Any American should read this book and ponder its message before voting.

Kelsey Grammer
The Emotional Plague is a strongly written and penetrating look at modern evil in today’s world. From understanding ‘the emotional plague’ and its symptoms, society can go a long way in preventing the untold violence that has become so common in today’s society. Additionally in this book, the author masterfully demonstrates that what we see as politically correct thought is in actuality evil masquerading as thought police that endangers all free people. While my friends in Hollywood may not agree with its conclusions, I would urge them and all Americans to read and reread this book.

Copley News Service
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO Press, 2008) is timely coming upon the heels of the recent election in which the mental stability, the charisma, and policy goals of both candidates were challenged. Based upon the campaign rhetoric, Barack Obama could be giving pseudo liberals a threshold in the seat of power once occupied by Lincoln, Truman, and Reagan. If Dr. Konia’s description of a pseudo-liberal is Barack Obama, watch America. What is amazing about this book is it was written before the rise of Obama and could in the way it is written describe Hillary Clinton or a host of today’s politicians. This book is an in-depth look beyond politics to how the human mind and its capacity for evil works.

Armchair Reviews
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE is a must read book. Dr. Charles Konia delves into a question that haunts us daily, what is the root of true evil in the world and what causes it. In a well written and documented style, Dr. Konia details evil and how it develops and shows its effects on society and how evil has misguided the well meaning. This book rates 5 stars.

Book List
Dr. Charles Konia in his work, THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE seeks to answer why the standards of decency and excellence have declined in today’s society. In a well-researched and passionately written prose, Konia answers the question in his 464 page work. Readers who have a different mindset from Dr. Konia may see red from his explanations while conservatives are sure to applaud his work. Regardless of one’s political leanings, THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE leaves one with much to consider and re-evaluate. This work stands out on its merit and is highly recommended.

Midwest Book Review
At first glance, THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE appears to be a daunting read and not written to a mass audience. However, upon delving into this work by Dr. Charles Konia, one becomes fascinated with his marshalling of ideas to provide answers for some of the daunting problems that have faced and are facing American society. From political conflict to senseless random violence, Konia explores the ‘emotional plague’ that can reside in humans. Sharply written, Dr. Konia is not afraid to assign blame but unlike many authors, he provides solutions as well.

Kirkus Reviews
When asked what is the number one disease confronting humanity, answers would vary but certainly nobody would select the emotional plague. But in Dr. Charles Konia’s THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO Press, 2008), the emotional plague is identified as the most dangerous contagious disease ravaging humanity. According to Konia, the emotional plague as he defines it is the root of modern evil in the world. Whether one is skeptical of Konia’s writing, the book is well researched and nearly impossible to refute. The book is timely in today’s heated and polarized political climate and should be a must read for anyone in a leadership position.

Air Beat Magazine (November/December)
If one wants to get inside the mind of a criminal, THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO Press, 2008) is a must read. Hideous crimes don’t just happen. They are a part of a certain psychology and personality trait. In this carefully researched and documented book, Dr. Charles Konia puts a name on this – the emotional plague. Understanding and combating the emotional plague will make the job of law enforcement easier.

From Publishers Weekly
Psychiatrist Konia has been a practicing Reichian therapist for over 40 years. Taking his title from a term coined by Wilhelm Reich, Konia argues that in the current “emotional plague” there is a mass “displacement of intra-psychic conflicts of armored people onto the social and political sphere.” To put it another way, Konia believes that what Freud saw as normal human defenses are, in the 21st century, growing out of control. It is happening because of the dominance of an overly mechanistic view of human life, where the function of human life is reduced to its bodily mechanics, and all individuals are seen as interchangeably made to serve the same meaningless ends. One result, Konia argues, is a reactionary mysticism, one that, he says, feeds everything from alternative medicine to jihadist Islamism. In chapters including “Freedom, Responsibility and Sociopolitical Ideology” and “Democracy in Armored Society: Formal Democracy versus Work Democracy,” Konia shows the macro effects of “armored society”-a humanity splintered into groups in conflict-in detail. By way of a solution, Konia argues for a recognition of a “biological core” than unites humanity in need, and in differences. While Konia’s discussion can get fairly technical, it is passionate and engaged throughout.

Blue Line Magazine (December issue)
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO Press, 2008) is a book that anyone in the frontlines of law enforcement should read. It identifies and examines the psychology of those who are responsible for the crimes that baffle and sicken law enforcement officers daily. It is a book that if fully embraced and understood will help in crime prevention and swifter solutions to existing cases. Dr. Charles Konia is to be applauded for recognizing what law enforcement sees daily – there is a sickness in humans that must be stopped or the consequences are unimaginable.

Heartland Book Review (October edition)
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO, 2008) is the result of years of research by its author, Dr. Charles Konia. The author answers the question of what evil plagues mankind that causes the senseless destruction we witness daily on the news and has plagued mankind since civilization began. Drawing on research and his own professional experience, Konia answers the question and poses a solution. The book is a must read and deserves 4 ½ hearts out of 5.

American Cop (November/December issue)
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO Press, 2008) addresses the questions that everyone in law enforcement has always asked at the scene of a crime – How could anyone do this? How could anyone be this evil? What causes such banality? Author Dr. Charles Konia hits it out of the ballpark with this book answering the questions. This book is a must read for everyone in law enforcement and should be mandatory reading at police stations and courts throughout the country.

San Diego Union Tribune
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE by Dr. Charles Konia addresses the ills of liberal thought and traces its failure throughout history. Without naming names, anyone reading this masterful work can see who in today’s political arena suffers from the emotional plague. Konia’s work is expertly researched and documented. The only drawback this reviewer saw was the book was, at points, too scholarly for today’s average reader. It should however be required reading in today’s universities (although many of the professors themselves suffering from the emotional plague might not want their students to have the book).

Scripps Howard News Service
THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE (ACO Press, 2008) attempts to examine and diagnosis the ills in today’s society. The book is crafted to a certain mindset and many students of history might disagree with the author’s analysis of Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and even Franklin Roosevelt. The book is recommended.

American Police Beat

THE EMOTIONAL PLAGUE is a must read for anyone in law enforcement. The book analyzes the evil that people in law enforcement deal with daily. Reading this book will help us have a better understanding of what we face daily in our job.


  1. Dear Dr Konia
    Congratulations for your book ‘Emotional Plague’. It was a constant joy reading it. I personally thank you, for the experience I had reading such a book. Direct, sincere and fearless writing.

    Thanassis Mandafounis, Greece

  2. I really am benefiting from your blog I discovered it via msn recently.

  3. i’ve read for the third time..the emotional plague…and my feeling is understand the value of this book..(.like the work of Baker and Reich)..the only real obstacle…will be our personal armor. My final feeling was an expansion inside my head…and a cleaning of mine old ideas, one refreshing of my brain…but last…was.. how many patient and slowly will be the changement.

    I was forced to change inside me the value, soon. Will not be easy to apply this knowledge..but is necessary.

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