Table of Contents



Recognition of the Emotional Plague
Introduction and Orientation
Functional Thinking and Social Phenomena
Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
The Emotional Plague
Neither Left Nor Right

Chapter 1
Functional Thinking and the Biological Origin of Social Organization
Development of Functions
The Relationship of Functional Pairs
The Orgonometry of Social Organization
The Structure of Armored Humans
The Orgonometry of Social Interactions

Chapter 2
Character Formation and the Functional Identity of Individual and Social Character
Emotional Development of the Individual
Character Formation and the Family
The Origin of Sociopolitical Character Armor and the Emotional Plague
The Emotional Plague Character
Sociopolitical Characterology
Sociopolitical Characters on the Left
The Infestation of the Political Left by the Emotional Plague
The Pseudo-liberal in American History
Sociopolitical Characters on the Right
The Extreme Conservative, the Reactionary, and the Black Facist
The Functional Identity and Attractive Opposition of Individual and Social Character Armor
Social Armor, Character Armor and Behavior

Chapter 3
Freedom, Responsibility and Sociopolitical Idealogy
Rights versus Responsibility: The Orgonomic View
Armor’s Disturbance of the Capacity or Personal Freedom and Social Responsibility
Cognitive Distortions Inherent in Ideology

Chapter 4
Democracy in Armored Society: formal Democracy Versus Work Democracy
Formal Democracy and Work Democracy
Armor, Idealogy, and the State
Functional Economics
Work and Armor

Toward Eradication of the Emotional Plague

Chapter 5
The Diagnosis of Social Armor
Social Armor
The Stratification of Social Armor

Chapter 6
The Transformation of Social Armor and the Rise of Anti-Authoritarian Society
The Transformation of Social Armor
The Breakdown of the Authoritarian Family
The Weakening of the Authoritarian Social Order
The Sociopolitical Redshift
The Polarization of Society
The Degradation of the Rule of Law
Social Anxiety on the Rise
The Decline of Genuine Expansion
Looking for Freedom, Fearing to be Free
The Radicalization of the Left and the Breakthrough of the Emotional Plague as Red Facism

Chapter 7
Disturbances in Sexual and Work Functions in Armored Society
The Effect of Anti-Authoritarianism on the Catholic Church
The Sexual Disfunction in Adolescence
Other Social Issues Involving Sexuality Work
The Relationship Character to Personal Finances

Chapter 8
Functional Perspectives on Current Social Problems
The Emotional Plague versus Social Progress
September 11, 2001 – The Global Breakthrough of the Emotional Plague as Black Facism
The Arab-Israeli Conflict
The Democratization of Islam
Black/White Race Relations in the United States
The War on Drugs: America’s Second Civil War

Chapter 9
Containment and Eradication of the Emotional Plague
Compulsory (Moral) Regulation versus Self-Regulation
Beyond Mechanistic Sociology and Mystical Religion
Orgonotic Contact
Psychic Contactlessness: The Byproduct of Armor
Reestablishing Contact
The Orgonometry of Social Pathology
In Summary


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