The Invasion of The Emotional Plague in Today’s Antiauthoritarian Social Order. February 17, 2023.

In the past authoritarian social order, prior to the 1960’s, people’s emotional plague reactions and behaviors were mostly sequestered in their destructive secondary layer, only rarely appearing on the social surface as destructive human activity. In today’s antiauthoritarian social order the emotional plague has broken into and is expressed mostly in unrecognized day-to-day activities of social life.

The number of people who identify as transgender has grown significantly, especially among young Americans. According to the article “More Trans Teens are Choosing Top Surgery,” that appeared in The New York Times October 3, 2022, around 700,000 people under 25 identified as transgender in 2022…nearly double the estimate in 2020. Top Surgery is a general term referring to breast surgeries done on young people who are not satisfied with their sexuality and the appearance of their breasts. The article states that “Small studies suggest that breast removal surgery improves transgender teenagers’ well-being, but data is sparse…”

The world of plague-ridden adults takes advantage of the sexual disorientation of these confused, young people psychically by indulging in their distorted belief systems and somatically by medically destroying their sexual function. They can then be manipulated to fall in line with the leftist mind-set of their hate-America ideological leaders, all in the name of young people’s “freedom of expression.” The emotional plague thrives on people’s confusion in front of everyone’s eyes.

What’s Wrong With Political Thinking? February 15, 2023.

Political thinking arises from the basic form of the distorted thinking of all armored human beings. Called mechanistic/mysticism, it is the effect that armor has on people’s perceptual apparatus, their views of the world. It is the reason that all political thinking has to be some form of distortion of reality and why all forms of political thinking must ultimately have destructive social consequences. It is also the reason for the endless political squabbles of the left and the right where each side sees the limitations in the others point of view but cannot see those in their own. Therefore, each way of thinking also functions as a defense that prevents all people, on both sides of the political spectrum, from finding a way out of their trapped ways of seeing and thinking that they are seeking in politics.

On The Destruction Of The American Nation Through Politics. January 28, 2023.

The destruction of the American Nation through the agency of politics is described functionally in the following stages:

1. The destruction of a single, Federalist Party following the death of Washington in 1799 occurred because of limitations in the American people’s character structure to function idealistically as a united nation in a truly democratic fashion.

2. Despite Washington’s warning of the “baneful effects of the spirit of party,” this limitation resulted in the formation of a two-party system in America that consisted in socially opposing political forces with members of both parties still remaining loyal to the ideals of the American Nation. This arrangement lasted until the the mid-1960s during the authoritarian era.

3. The destructiveness of politics and the breakdown of the American two-party system that began at that time was a result of the combined forces of unfulfilled sexual longings and impulses from young people’s destructive secondary layer appearing on the social surface – the “sexual revolution” – supported by the U.S. Supreme Court legalization of the communist party (CPUSA). These combined forces were largely responsible for the transformation of American society as a whole from the past authoritarian to todays antiauthoritarian society.

4. Accompanying the transformation was the mindless politicizing of everyone and everything in everyday life that is accepted by the clueless public as a new reality.

The Breakdown of Absolute Morality in The Antiauthoritarian Era. January 24, 2023.

People’s social conduct in the past authoritarian era was based on the absolute morality of right (good) and wrong (bad). The limitation of this form of morality was that there was no natural, scientific understanding between them. With the antiauthoritarian transformation and the breakthrough of relative morality to the social surface, this limit in understanding has allowed the emotional plague to enter and cause the increase in social chaos that we are witnessing today.

The inescapable solution is that neither the old authoritarian nor the new antiauthoritarian ways of thinking are capable of understanding and dealing with today’s enormous social and individual problems through the ideologies of the political left and right. A new way of thinking is provided by functional thinking.

Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the three layers of the bio-psychic apparatus of armored humans, the biological core, the destructive secondary layer, and the social surface, makes it possible to clear up the problem. The absolute morality of the authoritarian era contained elements of all three layers in it. Replacing it with the relative antiauthoritarian morality of today resulted in the rise in social chaos. Until this situation is understood and socially addressed functionally, social conditions will continue to spiral downward.

Orgonometry is Essential to Understand Social Functions. January 21, 2023.

Orgonometry is a system of thought closely aligned with the operation of functions and functional processes. Its knowledge is necessary to understand all natural, including pathological, social phenomena.

For example, all individual and group social functions operate in two ways, under the principles of either attractive or antagonistic opposition. In the past, authoritarian, social order in America (prior to around 1965), the functional relationship of the Democrat and Republican parties was one of attractive opposition. Both parties were firmly committed and united to protect and preserve the American nation. Accompanying the antiauthoritarian transformation that occurred around that time, there was a breakdown of the authoritarian social order. Now, members of both political parties were no longer socially united as Americans and the nation as a whole began politically splitting into two antagonistically opposing groups of the Left and the Right.

Politics Was Not Made in Heaven. January 16, 2023.

The American two party system is man-made. It is not God-given. It originated in the authoritarian era of Jefferson’s Administration during the early 19th century. It lasted for over a century and a half until around the mid-1960s when it began breaking down as a result of the transformation of society from authoritarian to antiauthoritarian, accompanied by the gradual infiltration of far-left, ideological candidates into both Republican and Democrat political parties.

Therefore, politics has outlived its usefulness and looking to politics for solutions to social problems is no-longer possible. People are confronted with the gigantic task of finding a new way of dealing with their social problems. a way that corresponds to the way that nature actually functions. This way is called functional thinking.

The Politicalization of the Department of Justice. January 14, 2023.

The following clear example of functional thinking is given in the August 2022 issue of IMPRIMUS by attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon.

“Laws such as the Patriot Act were designed to fight the unique problem of terrorism. But they quickly morphed into a mechanism by which the government keeps constant tabs on law-abiding Americans and threatens to disrupt their ives if they dare act contrary to those in power. It’s within this world of omnipotent oversight and control that the U.S. Department of Justice now operates”

She continues, “Breaking into homes of political opponents and depriving them of their possessions was common practice under the rule of the British King in America. The use of general warrants and writs of assistance by the Crown was the ultimate interference with the Colonists’ right to political and persona autonomy. Such invasions were so pervasive, and so universally despised, that the founders saw fit to ensure that the Constitution expressly forbids such practices.”

The laws contained in the Constitution worked well in the past authoritarian era to protect people because their secondary layer was effectively contained in armor Because of the breakthrough of people’s destructive secondary layer to the social surface in todays antiauthoritarian society, the laws made to contain the plague cannot stop the plague from encroaching into people’s lives. Therefore, the only possible way to address this form of destructiveness and to prevent further social disintegration is to first recognize the plague’s existence as a human illness and see its destructive effects.

Wilhelm Reich’s distinction of the layering of the bio-psychic apparatus (the biological core, the destructive secondary layer and the superficial layer or facade), is necessary to prevent any core function such as the Patriot Act from being twisted and used to express secondary layer impulses by emotional plague individuals.

Some Important Reference Dates in America’s History. January 5, 2023.

1783. America wins its independence from English rule in the battle at Yorktown.

1786. Washington is elected as the first U.S. president.

1801. The breakdown of the Federalist Party and the beginning of the American two party system.

1865. The North wins in the American Civil War resulting in the elimination of slavery and the preservation of the nation.

1914. America is forced into a European conflict because of its military support of the English forces turning it into a World War.

1919. Germany’s defeat in the war results in a power vacuum in Europe and the infestation of the emotional plague worldwide, Red Fascism (communism) and Black Fascism (naziism) proliferate.

On The Failure of The 2-Party System in Russia. December 15, 2022.

The break-up of the Soviet Union that occurred in 1991 after the failed communist experiment in Russia was somehow mystically expected to lead to the formation of a democratic system of government in that country. Instead, it lead to its exact opposite, a regime that is no different than the one that existed in old Czarist Russia in the 19th century before the communist takeover now under the strict, one-man, control of Vladimir (“Tsar”) Putin as its head.

Addendum 12/17

America lost the opportunity to have a positive difference in the outcome of the communist breakdown in Russia because it itself had become infested by the Communist plague through its Democratic Party organization.

Being Partly Right On Social Matters is Not Enough. December 10, 2022.

People’s mechanistic/mystical ways of thinking in social matters always has something right in them but they are not enough to make what is happening in the world completely understandable. In fact, this element of being partly right regularly results in people splitting into separate social-political groups according to their individual character structures typical of the views of the left and the right leading to the socially destructive consequences of the “politics as usual” that inevitably follows.

Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of functional thinking in social orgonomy must be adopted and replace people’s armored ways of thinking to address the divisiveness in today’s politics. For those who are interested, the application of functional thinking in social matters is regularly given by qualified medical and social orgonomists at the American College of Orgonomy’s website.