The Invasion of The Emotional Plague in Today’s Antiauthoritarian Social Order. February 17, 2023.

In the past authoritarian social order, prior to the 1960’s, people’s emotional plague reactions and behaviors were mostly sequestered in their destructive secondary layer, only rarely appearing on the social surface as destructive human activity. In today’s antiauthoritarian social order the emotional plague has broken into and is expressed mostly in unrecognized day-to-day activities of social life.

The number of people who identify as transgender has grown significantly, especially among young Americans. According to the article “More Trans Teens are Choosing Top Surgery,” that appeared in The New York Times October 3, 2022, around 700,000 people under 25 identified as transgender in 2022…nearly double the estimate in 2020. Top Surgery is a general term referring to breast surgeries done on young people who are not satisfied with their sexuality and the appearance of their breasts. The article states that “Small studies suggest that breast removal surgery improves transgender teenagers’ well-being, but data is sparse…”

The world of plague-ridden adults takes advantage of the sexual disorientation of these confused, young people psychically by indulging in their distorted belief systems and somatically by medically destroying their sexual function. They can then be manipulated to fall in line with the leftist mind-set of their hate-America ideological leaders, all in the name of young people’s “freedom of expression.” The emotional plague thrives on people’s confusion in front of everyone’s eyes.


  1. The veering off of so many young people towards transexuality just underscores how genital sexuality is still, 60 years after Reich’s death, and despite the fake so called “sexual revolution” , the most utterly oppressed and attacked sexual expression,( far more oppressed and attacked than “LGBTQ” forms of expression. )Gender is sadly mis-understood by the more armored, including even physicians, as penises and vaginas, other physical characteristics, hormones, other bio-chemicals, and genes. In Orgonomy we know all these things are living because they are connected to a mass free life energy plasma and more importantly, the functions of that plasma express itself through each person’s gender during attraction, sex, orgasm, and orgastic convulsions and streamings.

  2. It is neutering … very sad and alarming. Fear of life…

  3. See also:

  4. Trans and the emotional plague discussed:

    • Wow. Thank you for this. I’m speechless.

      • I don’t know why there is some sort of fascination with this sort of coverage. How about stopping drawing attention to it? How about just not watching it?

      • It’s important to be aware of what’s happening, just like it’s important for Dr. Konia to be pointing out what’s happening.

      • Also: what I thought was particularly important about these videos was that previously I kind of had a live and let live attitude about all of this. But these videos point out how incredibly aggressive and destructive this whole thing is. That’s important for people to understand. People do not understand that.

      • I live in New York City where there is a particularly high level of exposure to this kind of coverage — too much, in fact. I do not have a live and let live attitude about it. People nowadays see such things as the new normal. It is not new and it is not normal. I understand your point.

  5. The organized trans emotional plague. A case history:

  6. To Judy: Also, what I thought was particularly important about these videos was that previously I kind of had a more live and let live attitude about all of this. But these videos point out how incredibly aggressive and destructive this whole thing is. That’s important for people to understand. People do not understand that.

    • Yes, you are right. I had a bad outbreak of the EP yesterday and I lost my clarity and direction. I apologize to the readers and contributors of this important and wonderful blog. I am really sorry … but at the very least I know what happened and learned from it. So, thank you, David. Sincerely, Judy

  7. great comments ..its flabbergasting how brow beaten adults who are more innocent ,(and especially parents), are about this, never mind the poor teens and children… Plague ridden adults just love putting on a costume, a disguise, of authority, (or worming themselves into some actual position of authority)..then wreaking havoc

  8. We’re in a surreal moment right now as a nation. Former president is being indicted over nonsense charges. Starting to think there’s no coming back from our descent.

    • Reich on freedom of speech and the “hope” for “the rational” to “win out”

      Listen, Little Man! (translated by Theodore Wolfe)

      “There is only one antidote to the germs of the emotional plague in the mass individual: his own feeling of living life. The living does not ask for power but for its proper role in human life. It is based on the three pillars of love, work, and knowledge.

      He who has to protect the living against the emotional plague has to learn to use the right to free speech as we enjoy it in America at least as well for the good as the emotional plague misuses it for the bad. Granted equal right in the expression of opinion, the rational finally must win out. This is an important hope.” (Page 11)

      • Unfortunately free speech is being suppressed on most platforms. Sadly I agree with JT that we’re close to the point of no return (as a free country) as the forces of the plague continue to prevail.

      • My version of “orgonomic optimism”:

        DOR is a derivative of OR. Therefore, OR always prevails over DOR, unless we’re going to postulate that the OR of the entire planet is in a state of steady and chronic decay. But even if that were the case, there would be “local” victories of OR over DOR. And remember that when OR eventually starts to fight back (in the oranur reaction), it fights back with tremendous vigor, reaching the energetics potential which overwhelms DOR. OR (genitality) and DOR (the plague) are always in a constant battle, one trying to sequester and eliminated the other. But the plague, just like DOR, is a parasite which derives its energy from the core/OR. The plague cannot live without the core as an energy source. OR is primary.

      • I would postulate that free-speech is an OR function, just as freedom in general is. Because what is freedom? It is the unimpeded movement of the OR stream. In some sense, freedom of speech itself is like an oranur reaction. During the oranur reaction, OR is stronger than DOR and overcomes it.

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