What’s Wrong With Political Thinking? February 15, 2023.

Political thinking arises from the basic form of the distorted thinking of all armored human beings. Called mechanistic/mysticism, it is the effect that armor has on people’s perceptual apparatus, their views of the world. It is the reason that all political thinking has to be some form of distortion of reality and why all forms of political thinking must ultimately have destructive social consequences. It is also the reason for the endless political squabbles of the left and the right where each side sees the limitations in the others point of view but cannot see those in their own. Therefore, each way of thinking also functions as a defense that prevents all people, on both sides of the political spectrum, from finding a way out of their trapped ways of seeing and thinking that they are seeking in politics.


  1. The only way out of the trap is to see the whole picture. This is a brilliant post. Thanks Dr Konia!

  2. I was wondering why Dr. Konia’s blog bring a feeling of mood elevation and well being to read, if the true pictures he paints of the current social state of affairs are so grave? I think its because the blog’s thinking by passes ocular armor. Truth no matter how grave it is, is better for the organism than a stifled , (ocular), armored account or news article,whether it be left or right on the political scales. Its why children often show a love and enjoyment of blunt truth. Dr. Konia , can you please live until at least 120, so you can continue blogging for us?

    • Agreed! Dr. Konia’s posts bypass the clutter in people’s minds and present simple truth about complicated things. Not at all easy for most people but so welcomed!

  3. Simple and insightful. Well said Dr. Konia.

  4. Thank you, Dr. Konia.

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