On The Destruction Of The American Nation Through Politics. January 28, 2023.

The destruction of the American Nation through the agency of politics is described functionally in the following stages:

1. The destruction of a single, Federalist Party following the death of Washington in 1799 occurred because of limitations in the American people’s character structure to function idealistically as a united nation in a truly democratic fashion.

2. Despite Washington’s warning of the “baneful effects of the spirit of party,” this limitation resulted in the formation of a two-party system in America that consisted in socially opposing political forces with members of both parties still remaining loyal to the ideals of the American Nation. This arrangement lasted until the the mid-1960s during the authoritarian era.

3. The destructiveness of politics and the breakdown of the American two-party system that began at that time was a result of the combined forces of unfulfilled sexual longings and impulses from young people’s destructive secondary layer appearing on the social surface – the “sexual revolution” – supported by the U.S. Supreme Court legalization of the communist party (CPUSA). These combined forces were largely responsible for the transformation of American society as a whole from the past authoritarian to todays antiauthoritarian society.

4. Accompanying the transformation was the mindless politicizing of everyone and everything in everyday life that is accepted by the clueless public as a new reality.


  1. Wow! Thank you!

  2. Spot on post as always, Dr Konia. But despite the inherent truth in the concept of functional thinking, what will stop the overwhelming force(!) of the current emotional plague environment, from crushing orgonomic principles (and orgonomy in general) should they come to light to the general public? After all, the EP thoroughly destroyed Reich when he tried.

    • The crucial first step is for a sufficient number of people to recognize and understand the existence and function of the EP. It is a problem of people’s mechanistic\mystical ways of thinking, their inability to think functionally.

      • Agreed. Thanks to your good efforts, word is getting out. It feels like a race against time & I pray our side prevails as the stakes are huge, meaning the very existence of our country.
        Hope your latest book is published soon!

  3. I especially like paragraph 4…maybe because its the reality now in everyday life even when you try to avoid politics..its a current infection of stupid politicizing that mirrors underlying emotional plague infection..

  4. And thanks for debunking the 60’s “sexual revolution”. It was a half hearted failure that , as you say , has spawned offshoots of destruction since then from unsatisfied drives/orgastic yearning. The sooner the public admits it was a failure and stops all the fake celebrating of the USA’s “sexual freedom”, the sooner they can move towards an orgonomic genuine “sexual emotional revolution” by making the first steps you outline in your follow up comment. If it had been a real sexual revolution we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today. (And Doctor forgive me if I rehash..it feels good to comment even if I’m saying basically the same things…)

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