The Breakdown of Absolute Morality in The Antiauthoritarian Era. January 24, 2023.

People’s social conduct in the past authoritarian era was based on the absolute morality of right (good) and wrong (bad). The limitation of this form of morality was that there was no natural, scientific understanding between them. With the antiauthoritarian transformation and the breakthrough of relative morality to the social surface, this limit in understanding has allowed the emotional plague to enter and cause the increase in social chaos that we are witnessing today.

The inescapable solution is that neither the old authoritarian nor the new antiauthoritarian ways of thinking are capable of understanding and dealing with today’s enormous social and individual problems through the ideologies of the political left and right. A new way of thinking is provided by functional thinking.

Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the three layers of the bio-psychic apparatus of armored humans, the biological core, the destructive secondary layer, and the social surface, makes it possible to clear up the problem. The absolute morality of the authoritarian era contained elements of all three layers in it. Replacing it with the relative antiauthoritarian morality of today resulted in the rise in social chaos. Until this situation is understood and socially addressed functionally, social conditions will continue to spiral downward.


  1. another great tidbit of wisdom…particularly relevant to all these mass shootings right now…The reality of potentially explosive emotional stasis within the multilayered structure of the human armored primate must be acknowledged as the real deeper energetic motive for all these mass shootings… on and on the clueless masses including authorities just cry “why?” “why?” “why?” and ignore the selfless life work of good old Wilhelm Reich, just a decent guy from a farm background who worked his way up to be an M.D. and just tried to help people all through his life… Very sad.

  2. Why did the breakthrough of relative morality happen?

    • People’s muscular armor broke down and was accompanied by an increase in their ocular armor resulting in the symptoms of the antiauthoritarian moral code.

      • Thank you very much. It seems to be rampant. Very troubling indeed.


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