Orgonometry is Essential to Understand Social Functions. January 21, 2023.

Orgonometry is a system of thought closely aligned with the operation of functions and functional processes. Its knowledge is necessary to understand all natural, including pathological, social phenomena.

For example, all individual and group social functions operate in two ways, under the principles of either attractive or antagonistic opposition. In the past, authoritarian, social order in America (prior to around 1965), the functional relationship of the Democrat and Republican parties was one of attractive opposition. Both parties were firmly committed and united to protect and preserve the American nation. Accompanying the antiauthoritarian transformation that occurred around that time, there was a breakdown of the authoritarian social order. Now, members of both political parties were no longer socially united as Americans and the nation as a whole began politically splitting into two antagonistically opposing groups of the Left and the Right.


  1. What caused the antiauthoritarian transformation?

    • The antiauthoritarian transformation is discussed in the preface to my new book, The Demise of Politics, A Book of Blogs.


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