Another Symptom Of The Antiauthoritarian Transformation Of Our Social Order. May 6, 2013.

The firing of Tucker Carlson, a TV newscaster on Fox News, is another symptom of the transformation of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian which started in the 1960’s and is successfully destroying our nation. Prior to that time, members of both parties, despite their political differences, were emotionally loyal to the American nation. Both forces were in a relationship of attractive opposition. As a result, the transformation of American society as a whole became disassociated and the political center shifted to the left of center. Regarding their loyalty to America, both political forces are now in a relationship of antagonistic opposition.

An early indication of the transformation was the disintegration in the Democrat party and far-left candidates who successfully infiltrated the party and were elected to Congress. Today the transformation has extended to include the fragmentation of the Republication party as well. As a result, in today’s anti-authoritarian social order, the two parties bi-partisan system of ideological allegiance to the American nation, as it was understood in the past, no longer exists. Because of the leftward political shift in American society, there are strong anti-American sentiments embedded in both political views and any person who is an out-spoken pro-American such as Tucker Carlson can be targeted and marginalized by the combined efforts of the forces of both political parties acting against each other in unison.

By not recognizing the ideologically based bio-emotional forces underlying political thinking nothing can be understood.


  1. I recognize the ideologically based bio-emotional forces underlying political thinking. I know only two others who also see it.

    • My recently published book, CLUELESS, deals with this problem.

      • I ordered CLUELESS. Very much looking forward to receiving it. I learn so much from your books which I do not come across elsewhere.

      • I am reading CLUELESS. It is the most potent, timely and important book I have ever read. Dr. Konia absolutely hit the nail on the head with this book. It shakes me to my core and it comforts me. I bought a second copy of CLUELESS for a friend. This is what I can do … maybe some people will get it and benefit from it. I certainly hope so.

  2. I think the negative impulses in both parties seem to always be anti-pleasure, anti-expansion, including anti-security of the country ,(via a vis border and crime and national security etc.,that security being pleasurable), anti-prosperity , prosperity being pleasurable, etc. etc. As we know, ultimately grand political arguments and failings boil down to links to personal Orgonotic incapacity. Reich sure did love America back in his day, what would he say today…

    • Im guessing he’d feel differently today since the American government that he so loved, unjustly persecuted & imprisoned him leading to his premature death. EP existed then & most assuredly exists currently.

      • yes… I think he died of a broken heart emotionally as well as physically..such disappointment

  3. Dr. KONIA! You are alive and kicking! Amazing run of work dedicated to continuing Wilhelm Reich’s work..for so many many decades. I want to thank you sincerely, and on behalf of many others who might not thank you but have benefited, for all the energy you put in and continue to put in as a pillar of modern Orgonomy. Every strong figure in Orgonomy helps humanity even if a person only reads your book or blog or all helps the energy. I remember seeing you at an ACO conference on Staten Island in the 1980’s! Like Reich, you are a really good man in the true sense of the word, Orgonomically, not the surface layer compulsive morality meaning of the word “good”. Congrats!

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