On The Reason That the Emotional Plague is not Recognized. November 21, 2022.

People cannot recognize the reality of evil or the existence of the emotional plague’s destructiveness on human life because the mechanistic\mystical ways of their thinking about social problems prevents them from seeing what is happening in front of their eyes. These ways do not correspond to the reality of what is happening in the world around them. They are a major ocular symptom resulting in thought disturbances, a condition known as thought disorders in psychiatry, operating socially in everyone including our pundits today. Through the ages, mechanistic/mystical thinking about social problems of armored humans has been the hand maiden of the devil, a.k.a. the emotional plague.

In order to understand and effectively deal with what is happening socially and politically in our world a new, entirely different way of thinking, functional thinking, is necessary so that the operation of peoples emotional plague’s operation in daily life can be recognized and addressed as a form of social pathology.

On Not Recognizing the Demise of Politics. November 13, 2022.

The publics not recognizing that politics in today’s anti-authoritarian society is dead and no longer workable as it once did in the past authoritarian era is because they remain stuck in their usual mechanistic-mystical ways of thinking, a symptom of their ocular armor. It keeps them thinking rigidly and politically along the ideological lines of the political left and right, in ways in which social conditions existed in the past authoritarian era and in the belief that conditions still exist in todays disintegrating, anti-authoritarian American society as they once did in the past. This dangerous belief, a symptom of ocular armor in the masses renders them helpless and incapable of seeing the destructiveness that is happening in politics and doing something to stop it from destroying our nation.

However, before the illusion of politics can be officially pronounced dead there must first be something viable with which to replace it. Extrication from the bane of politics is provided in the knowledge of functional thinking and in the new science of social orgonomy.


My book,”The Demise of Politics, A Book of Blogs” will be published in 2023.


Politicization is a Symptom of the Emotional Plague. October 24, 2022.

In her August 2022 article in Imprimis “The Politicization of the Department of Justice”, Harmeet K. Dhillon states that contrary to the ideal of equal justice under the law, the Department of Justice (DOJ) appears to be increasingly motivated by political partisanship.

However, since political partisanship is a symptom of the emotional plague it cannot be treated until the disease itself is first recognized. The idea that justice (Lady Justice) is blind and the ideal of equal justice under the law originate from people’s superficial layer of armor – democratic idealism. These ideas function as a powerful defense against peoples’ recognizing the existence of their destructive secondary layer. But the emotional plague will always find a way to enter into the social surface to carry out its social mischief. This was successfully accomplished during the 1960s when the still unrecognized transformation of our society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian occurred. The partisanship of the DOJ is merely one of its destructive symptoms.

On The Importance of Requiring Professional Credentials in Politicians Today. October 24, 2022.

One would think that for the highly important and socially responsible work function that people who are running for public office are expected to perform that they should have the necessary training at the highest levels related to adequately perform their work function. In addition, they should have the necessary individual, characterological qualifications.

In fact, the professional training of our politicians is usually minimal, at most, to having a law degree. This limitation in the politicians’ qualifications worked fairly well during the past authoritarian era, that is, prior to around 1he mid-1960s when the plague had not yet thoroughly infested political life. It cannot work in today’s society. It is comparable to permitting someone without a medical degree and all the other requirements needed to perform a surgical procedure.

This limitation in the qualification of people, including politicians, working in the social realm in today’s anti-authoritarian social order makes it impossible for them to be able to perform their work productively because the emotional plague has deeply infested society through the legitimization in the public’s mind-set in today’s world of politics as usual. People working in the social realm today in addition to their training in sociology must be experts in the science of social orgonomy.

Replacing Politics as Usual With Social Orgonomy. October 22, 2022.

Political party’s first appeared and became organized in America during the beginning of the 19th century because the armored character structure of the American people at that time prevented them from functioning in their daily lives according to the fundamental principles of the American Revolution – in a truly democratic fashion. This failure resulted in the appearance of its armored equivalent, formal democracy, a system that was based on democratic ideals, the democratic idealism of 18th century English philosophers. It also resulted in the formation of the American political two party system and in the gradual infestation of politics into everyday life in recent decades. This was the time of the American authoritarian social order that lasted from the 19th century until around the middle of the 1960s. At this time, this form of social armor began to break down and was transformed into the anti-authoritarian social order that we have today. This change was accompanied by a new manifestation of the emotional plague under the guise of the political ideology from the left and the right, the ideology of political correctness. As a result, the “solution” of socio-politics, appeared and invaded into the ideas and behavior of people’s everyday lives.

With the contributions of Wilhelm Reich’s and Elsworth Baker’s sociological discoveries, this was also the time when the science of social orgonomy first began to develop. For the first time in human history, the social and political behavior of armored people was subjected to and examined from a bio-psychiatric, not political-ideological, perspective. The result was the development of the science of social orgonomy. The importance of these discoveries is that it finally puts to rest people’s illusion of looking to politics for social answers.

Risk Factors for Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents. October 16, 2022

In the October 11, 2022 issue of JAMA, Screening for Anxiety in Children and Adolescents, the writer states that certain groups of this population are at increased risk of anxiety disorder, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) youth and older children (aged 12-17 years).

The article goes on to recommend treatment for anxiety in children and adolescents with cognitive behavior therapy and medication as the solution.

This is a myopic view and is symptomatic of the state of cluelessness – the lack of social perspective – that the public, in general, and the psychiatric profession, in particular, have when they overlook the emotional plague’s destructiveness of what is happening in today’s increasingly anti-authoritarian society.

The article is an example of people’s ocular problem, of their focusing on the symptoms of the social disease and not on the underlying disease process. The rise in the social symptoms in young people are the result of a single catastrophic event, the transformation of American social order from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian and its disintegration on all social levels that began over fifty years ago. The breakdown will continue on its destructive path until responsible people, not politicians, but those in the medical and social sciences familiar with the necessary knowledge of social orgonomy to address what is happening to our society.

On The Breakdown of The American Two Party System. October 6, 2022.

The two-party system in America that started during the second term of the Jefferson Administration (around1804) lasted until the mid-1960s when the nation transformed from a formal, authoritarian democracy into an anti-authoritarian society and began disintegrating socially and politically. This breakdown of American society coincided with and was aided by the U.S. Supreme Court’s legitimization of the communist party in America (CPUSA) by interpreting it as just another political party, a catastrophic decision that resulted in the political inclusion of far-left candidates into the Democrat party and their successful election to Congress. The Court’s decision indicates how deeply the emotional plague has infested every branch of the American government, including the judiciary.

Now no longer interested in what are for the best interests of the American nation, both political parties are battling with each other over illegal immigrants entering into America, a destructive symptom of politicizing, that is placing the entire nation’s survival at risk. It is a major victory for the infestation of the emotional plague into American life and a manifestation of the final stage in the plague’s attempt to bring down and destroy this nation.

The Court’s decision indicated that the emotional plague has infested every branch of the American government, including the judiciary.

The Operation of The Emotional plague, Then and Now. October 3, 2022.

The operation of the emotional plague in the past authoritarian social order was “divide and conquer” and was limited to individuals. In today’s anti-authoritarian social order the operation of the emotional plague has become more sophisticated and invaded into society as “divide by politicizing and conquer”. The difference in the two social orders is that a new layer of social armor has been added to people’s individual (ocular) armor and invaded into the whole of society as socio-politics.

The Genealogy of Social Orgonomy. October 1, 2022.

The science of social orgonomy began with Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the emotional plague of mankind. This infectious bio-social disease of armored humans, rooted in their disturbed bio-emotional functions, result in the numerous pathological social symptoms of the plague that are increasing in today’s world. The science itself developed further following Elsworth Baker’s discovery of socio-political characterology in which he differentiated the two basic character types based on different patterns of the individual’s armor that is manifested in the social realm of the political left and the right. This advance, made during the past authoritarian social order, provided the understanding that social armor as a whole consisted in the opposing forces of the political left and the right operating in a relationship of attractive opposition. At that time, both forces were united in their loyalty to the American nation.

This relationship no longer exists in today’s anti-authoritarian social order because the relationship between the forces of the political left and the right has transformed into one of antagonistic opposition. In this new political relationship, the opposing forces of the left and the right are battling each other for their individual survival and, as a result, the nation as a whole is at risk of being destroyed by forces of the emotional plague.

On The Discoveries in Social Orgonomy. September 18, 2022.

Wilhelm Reich first discovered the science of social orgonomy when he identified the emotional plague of mankind. However, it was not until Elsworth Bakers’ identification of the the specific socio-political character types and their behaviors on the social scene that the application of social orgonomy could develop further. These discoveries also made possible the recognition of the major transformation in our society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that started in the mid-1960s. This was when the American Nation that had existed intact until that time first began breaking down. The infestation of the social disease, socio-politics, a symptom of the emotional plague into every aspect of social life, is responsible for the breakdown of American society. This is the time when the discoveries in social orgonomy that is currently available to the general public, not the political haranguing that is going on today, is vitally needed.