Some Important Reference Dates in America’s History. January 5, 2023.

1783. America wins its independence from English rule in the battle at Yorktown.

1786. Washington is elected as the first U.S. president.

1801. The breakdown of the Federalist Party and the beginning of the American two party system.

1865. The North wins in the American Civil War resulting in the elimination of slavery and the preservation of the nation.

1914. America is forced into a European conflict because of its military support of the English forces turning it into a World War.

1919. Germany’s defeat in the war results in a power vacuum in Europe and the infestation of the emotional plague worldwide, Red Fascism (communism) and Black Fascism (naziism) proliferate.


  1. Dr Konia
    Thank you for this kind of post which provides some “recent” historical context to the fragility of armored human existence in the greater (macro) social realm.

    On another note, many conventional conservative thinkers seems to have fallen into the armored trap of connoting Nazism with “the left”. Lacking the resource of functional thinking, they are convinced that Hitler was a leftist.

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