On The Discoveries in Social Orgonomy. September 18, 2022.

Wilhelm Reich first discovered the science of social orgonomy when he identified the emotional plague of mankind. However, it was not until Elsworth Bakers’ identification of the the specific socio-political character types and their behaviors on the social scene that the application of social orgonomy could develop further. These discoveries also made possible the recognition of the major transformation in our society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian that started in the mid-1960s. This was when the American Nation that had existed intact until that time first began breaking down. The infestation of the social disease, socio-politics, a symptom of the emotional plague into every aspect of social life, is responsible for the breakdown of American society. This is the time when the discoveries in social orgonomy that is currently available to the general public, not the political haranguing that is going on today, is vitally needed.

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