Woke Ideology is a Symptom, Not a Disease. September 8, 2022.

Before the destructiveness of any ideology can be fully understood and socially treated, it must first be recognized as a symptom of an underlying disorder. Woke ideology is one of the numerous poorly recognized destructive symptoms of armored humans, the emotional plague. It will continue its invasiveness and destructiveness on American society until a sufficient number of people open their eyes and see its destructive manifestations on their lives. The emotional plague’s only weapon of defense is to keep itself from being publicly recognized.


  1. Hello Dr. Konia. I have read your two part article, Orgonotic Contact. You speak about qualitative functions. Orgonotic streaming… Perception/excitation… Emotion/sensation… Relative motion/coexistent action… Pulsation/spinning wave… Attraction/lumination…

    These are the functions in living systems. I’ve been mulling over an idea, and I’m not sure if it has validity but I wanted to see. What about parasites? I read an article by the Audubon Society which states that more than half of all species within the animal kingdom are parasites. Is there another set of functions which describes parasitic phenomenon?

    I have not breached the “mechanistic barrier” with this question yet. I think I’m still thinking in terms of mechanisms. Some examples…
    Anaesthetics which the parasite uses to numb the host (e.g. vampire bat)…
    Toxins which are released when the parasite is threatened (tapeworms)…
    Substances which the parasite releases, causing you to crave sugar…

    I think it is certain to say, that these parasitic mechanisms do interfere with the perceptual function of the host.

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