The Genealogy of Social Orgonomy. October 1, 2022.

The science of social orgonomy began with Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of the emotional plague of mankind. This infectious bio-social disease of armored humans, rooted in their disturbed bio-emotional functions, result in the numerous pathological social symptoms of the plague that are increasing in today’s world. The science itself developed further following Elsworth Baker’s discovery of socio-political characterology in which he differentiated the two basic character types based on different patterns of the individual’s armor that is manifested in the social realm of the political left and the right. This advance, made during the past authoritarian social order, provided the understanding that social armor as a whole consisted in the opposing forces of the political left and the right operating in a relationship of attractive opposition. At that time, both forces were united in their loyalty to the American nation.

This relationship no longer exists in today’s anti-authoritarian social order because the relationship between the forces of the political left and the right has transformed into one of antagonistic opposition. In this new political relationship, the opposing forces of the left and the right are battling each other for their individual survival and, as a result, the nation as a whole is at risk of being destroyed by forces of the emotional plague.

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