On The Importance of Requiring Professional Credentials in Politicians Today. October 24, 2022.

One would think that for the highly important and socially responsible work function that people who are running for public office are expected to perform that they should have the necessary training at the highest levels related to adequately perform their work function. In addition, they should have the necessary individual, characterological qualifications.

In fact, the professional training of our politicians is usually minimal, at most, to having a law degree. This limitation in the politicians’ qualifications worked fairly well during the past authoritarian era, that is, prior to around 1he mid-1960s when the plague had not yet thoroughly infested political life. It cannot work in today’s society. It is comparable to permitting someone without a medical degree and all the other requirements needed to perform a surgical procedure.

This limitation in the qualification of people, including politicians, working in the social realm in today’s anti-authoritarian social order makes it impossible for them to be able to perform their work productively because the emotional plague has deeply infested society through the legitimization in the public’s mind-set in today’s world of politics as usual. People working in the social realm today in addition to their training in sociology must be experts in the science of social orgonomy.


  1. Ronald Reagan is an example?

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