Replacing Politics as Usual With Social Orgonomy. October 22, 2022.

Political party’s first appeared and became organized in America during the beginning of the 19th century because the armored character structure of the American people at that time prevented them from functioning in their daily lives according to the fundamental principles of the American Revolution – in a truly democratic fashion. This failure resulted in the appearance of its armored equivalent, formal democracy, a system that was based on democratic ideals, the democratic idealism of 18th century English philosophers. It also resulted in the formation of the American political two party system and in the gradual infestation of politics into everyday life in recent decades. This was the time of the American authoritarian social order that lasted from the 19th century until around the middle of the 1960s. At this time, this form of social armor began to break down and was transformed into the anti-authoritarian social order that we have today. This change was accompanied by a new manifestation of the emotional plague under the guise of the political ideology from the left and the right, the ideology of political correctness. As a result, the “solution” of socio-politics, appeared and invaded into the ideas and behavior of people’s everyday lives.

With the contributions of Wilhelm Reich’s and Elsworth Baker’s sociological discoveries, this was also the time when the science of social orgonomy first began to develop. For the first time in human history, the social and political behavior of armored people was subjected to and examined from a bio-psychiatric, not political-ideological, perspective. The result was the development of the science of social orgonomy. The importance of these discoveries is that it finally puts to rest people’s illusion of looking to politics for social answers.


  1. Assuming it will be many years before the tenets of social orgonomy reach & are absorbed by the general public, what in the short term can be done to halt the infestation of the emotional plague, which has permeated every level of our society? Or is it too late? One hopes not, as the end result will be a communist dictatorship of our country.
    Thank you so much Dr Konia for any thoughts on this and for all your incisive, perceptive writings on the current socio-political situation. Your books and essays help me to make sense out of the current chaos.

  2. I posted a comment a little while ago, but not sure if it went through?

  3. Nothing can be done by the relatively tiny contingent of people who support and have respect for Reich’s work, except to help a few. The masses will self destruct/destroy the planet or destroy the diseased species that is the human primate, or will come around phenomenally slowly to a psychology and bio-physical contact that is at least a bit more aligned with Reich’s outlined functionalism, and save themselves. The Orgone energy itself does not really care, humans are no more or less significant to the vast ocean of life than a species of ant or beetle. In fact, cosmologically speaking, the planet as a life form would be better off without humans because they are so diseased.

    • I believe our creator put us here for a reason. And somehow I think that reason was not for us “diseased” species to be eradicated from the Earth.

  4. We are “created” from the universal cosmic orgone energy, discovered by Reich, and upon our mortal demise, to there we all return.

  5. hmm well the coming years/decades will reveal what seems to me the clueless masses are unlikely to come around to Reich’s work, no matter what political-ideological perspectives they jump around in or newly create in their frustrations. Like the intermittent explosions of violence from individual criminals we see on the news every day, it seems figures like Putin are just itching to push the button on Nuclear Armageddon/ World War III

    • I agree the clueless masses are unlikely to come around to Reich’s work anytime soon. Sad for sure. It would be nice to hear a counter point of view from others who follow this site. Of course a comment from Dr Konia would be more than welcome. Are we being too gloomy?

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