The Bio-social Consequences of the Lockdown

The emotional plague in the coronavirus pandemic began with its mindless destruction of people’s biological work function, the lockdown of the economy. The mechanistic, plague epidemiologist views the work function as if it were a kind of machine that can be mindlessly turned on and off like a switch, with to consequences.

In fact, the biological work function is not machine-like. If people’s biological work function is arbitrarily stopped, the biological energy behind it continues to exist and press for discharge even if it has no productive outlet. Having no way to discharge their energy, people out of work are left feeling anxious and “out of it”. Meanwhile, the marketplace, where human work is done, is abandoned, left unprotected and rendered defenseless to the vicissitudes of the emotional plague.

In this situation, the conditions are ripe for the emotional plague, in the form of a seemingly unrelated incident with racial overtones between a working white police officer and a black suspect, to occur triggering havoc and a nationwide chain reaction with riots, destruction to property and human life.

Unfortunately, the only way that most people will understand what happened is through their armored ways of seeing and thinking, that is, through their moral strait jacket. Nothing will have been learned about the plague to prevent future outbreaks.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. Judy

    • You’re welcome!

  2. If I understood the orgonomic literature correctly genitality is defined as the unity of love (associated with the orgonotic system, pulsation) and „sex“ (associated with the energetic orgonome, the spinning wave). Can one define productive work in a similar way? I mean Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels defined work as the interlocking of planning (“vision,” brain, CNS, spinning wave) and our hands (the body). By the Corona lockdown the brain (“planning”) is arbitrarily separated from the body (“activity”) – a blocking similar to orgastic impotence, i.e., the separation of love and “sex.” Is this formulation somewhat correct or just gibberish on my part?

    • I would put it simply that armored people are unable to think functionally.

  3. One solution could have been to set up rules that producers and service providers would have to follow in order to continue working. Prof. Kutschera (Stanford University) proposed a round table of skilled workers who should find solutions.
    What other functional solutions are there?

    • You are on the right track because you are thinking functionally. The problem is that our savants in government are mechanistic, robot-like thinkers. The problem is that the existence of these EP individuals is not recognized.

  4. It is always important to remember that we are dealing with an infected anti-authoritarian society. Any possible solution must come by addressing the infection instead of focusing all the specific problems that emerge from the infection. Unfortunately this requires a long term view which would include for short, mid and long term strategies. Trying to dealing with the myriad of specific problems resulting from the infection will appear to make things better but in the long run not much will have the intended effect if the source of the problem is not acknowledged (i.e. the transformation from an authoritarian to an anti-authoritarian society).
    At the end of an article that I just read the writer wrote this:
    “Is there an antiviral for this, the communist virus that has infected the nation, metastasized throughout its corpus, and now threatens the republic?”
    From the functional point of view, anti-authoritarian would be substituted for communist.
    Functional thinking provides a method that allows us to proceed along a rational path to an “anti-viral” for the destructive ideology of anti-authoritarianism.

    • You are right. It is a bio-social medical disease, the emotional plague. It must first be identified as a human disease before it can be treated.

  5. This might seem like a somewhat random comment, but it often strikes me that when we are talking about the antiauthoritarian transformation, we are simply talking about a specific form of DISTURBANCE OF CONTACT in the social realm. In other words, what I am trying to highlight is that the concept of the antiauthoritarian transformation might not be as complicated as it might sometimes seem to some of us.

    Dr. Konia has defined antiauthoritarianism this way:

    “Anti-authoritarianism: The social system that is opposed to both neurotic (irrational) and rational authority at every level of social organization.” (Konia, C. 2008. The Emotional Plague. Princeton, NJ: A.C.O. Press, page 453)

    In a discussion with Dr. Konia about a year ago, I asked if the following would be an accurate interpretation of his definition, and he agreed it was: I said it seemed to me he was describing how the antiauthoritarian person “throws out the baby with the bathwater.“

    The bathwater in authoritarianism is composed of the neurotic/irrational aspects of authoritarianism arising from his armored secondary layer: the armor prevents the authoritarian from making full core contact, and thus prevents him from thinking fully functionally. But the authoritarian also has some partial core (“baby”) contact, and thus instinctively perceives the need to maintain control over the irrational aspects in society. Thus, the authoritarian person intuitively recognizes that armored people are not capable of functioning in a healthy way and therefore need restraints. If you give armored people for “freedom,“ their secondary layer erupts to the surface with grave and dangerous consequences.

    The antiauthoritarian person has a mixture of rational and irrational motives: the RATIONAL part is his desire to throw out the dirty bathwater composed of the irrational aspects of authoritarianism. The IRRATIONAL part of the antiauthoritarian’s motives involve throwing out the baby (the core) at the same time as throwing out the bathwater/secondary layer manifestations contained in authoritarianism. This throwing out of the core by the antiauthoritarian is due to his lack of contact with the core, which also causes the antiauthoritarian’s lack of perception of the dangerous aspects of setting the secondary layer “free.”

    The authoritarian intuitively understands the secondary layer (“original sin,“ “the devil“); in this sense his thinking is partially functional: he senses the need to contain the secondary layer and he can partially see through the superficial façade.

    The antiauthoritarian perceives the secondary layer aspects of black fascism because they are so obvious, as opposed to the secondary layer aspects of red fascism which are hidden behind a messianic superficial and mechanistic vision of a healthy and benevolent society. The antiauthoritarian is incapable of seeing the grave and dangerous secondary layer aspects of red fascism, because the antiauthoritarian lives almost exclusively in his superficial layer and thus has too little core contact to be able to see through the superficial aspects of left wing ideology and perceive the murderous secondary layer component.

    The antiauthoritarian‘s longing for a better world is at least partially genuine. Perhaps he feels the longing in a more urgent way than the authoritarian, due to the anti-authoritarian probably having less muscular armor. But due to the antiauthoritarian’s greater amount of ocular armor, he has less perception of the secondary layer in himself and others, and thus does not perceive how his political ideology will not only fail to bring about a better world, but will actually unleash catastrophe.

  6. Is the Emotional Plague in the Covid 19 the same as in AIDS, Ebola, SARS, mad cow?

    • I don’t know.

  7. The riots show a clear red fascist signature

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