Identifying the Emotional Plague’s Operation in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Before the emotional plague can be eliminated it must first be identified. The operation of the emotional plague in the current coronavirus pandemic is in its mindless destructiveness of people’s biological work function by well-meaning mechanistic scientists. The plague individual views the biological work function as if it were some kind of a machine that can be mindlessly turned on and off like a switch without any consequences.

The real problem is a functional one, to address the coronavirus pandemic by simultaneously finding ways not to interrupt the economy and destroy peoples work function. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water. This approach requires people who are able to think functionally, not mechanistically. This problem is not one that the current mechanistically trained epidemiologists are qualified to deal with.


  1. Absolutely. Regrettably and alarmingly what we are dealing with now is socialism, not ‘brotherhood’, and it is leaving a stain on everyone and confusing everyone. It is terrifying.

  2. here is a good example of how to shine the light on the supporters of and dupes for anti-authoritarianism and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people. In doing so the public gets a subtle education about the M.O. of the emotional plague

    • Many thanks!

      • below is a preview of one of the many articles that will be written describing some aspect of the tragic errors committed over the last few months as a direct consequence of the mechanistic thinking you refer to above.
        What the writer does not mention are the important events from the past which created the conditions that allowed this to occur.
        The first and most important was the transformation of American society as discovered by you and described in detail in your first book (the quasi “sexual” and failed revolution of the 1960’s during which the seeds of anti-authoritarianism took root).
        The second was the failure to put communism on trial (a la the Nuremberg trials after WW2) with the fall of the Soviet Union so that the world could reject once and for all time the emotional plague expression from the far left as had been done with the EP from the far right at Nuremberg.
        The third was the election of a pseudo-liberal communist in 2008 and 2012.
        The most recent was the handling of the novel corona virus pandemic under the guidance of bureaucratic deep state so called medical experts.

      • Thank you, Steven.

      • As always it is my pleasure Dr Konia

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