The Political Layering of the Bio-psychic Apparatus

To have a sense of people’s pathological social and political activity, an understanding of the three layers of the human bio-psychiatric apparatus, the biological core, the destructive secondary or middle layer and the superficial layer or facade, is essential.

When people’s impulse originating from the biological core travels outward to the surface and is expressed uninterrupted by armor, pleasurable feelings are experienced that are often accompanied by a sense of gratitude, respect and loyalty for America. These Americans have a sense of their good fortune to be living in this great nation and they have no difficulty expressing feelings of love for their country. Their religion often provides them with contact with themselves.

When biological core impulses are interrupted by people’s armor as they travel outward to the periphery, a qualitative change occurs in their expression. They become twisted, full of hatefulness and socially destructive. For these Americans, gratitude turns into feelings of entitlement and resentment, respect toward others turns into contempt of others and loyalty turns into subversiveness to their nation. These are distorted emotional plague expressions that originate from their destructive secondary layer. They are typical anti-American attitudes of far left liberal/communists that are expressed through their far left politics. Having no core contact or religion to comfort and keep them human, they are chronically unsatisfied and constantly at war with themselves and the world, forever seeking satisfaction through their mystical longings for a better life in this world. “Hope and change” through politics as their solution.

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