The Political Layering of the Bio-psychic Apparatus

To have a sense of people’s pathological social and political activity, an understanding of the three layers of the human bio-psychiatric apparatus, the biological core, the destructive secondary or middle layer and the superficial layer or facade, is essential.

When people’s impulse originating from the biological core travels outward to the surface and is expressed uninterrupted by armor, pleasurable feelings are experienced that are often accompanied by a sense of gratitude, respect and loyalty for America. These Americans have a sense of their good fortune to be living in this great nation and they have no difficulty expressing feelings of love for their country. Their religion often provides them with contact with themselves.

When biological core impulses are interrupted by people’s armor as they travel outward to the periphery, a qualitative change occurs in their expression. They become twisted, full of hatefulness and socially destructive. For these Americans, gratitude turns into feelings of entitlement and resentment, respect toward others turns into contempt of others and loyalty turns into subversiveness to their nation. These are distorted emotional plague expressions that originate from their destructive secondary layer. They are typical anti-American attitudes of far left liberal/communists that are expressed through their far left politics. Having no core contact or religion to comfort and keep them human, they are chronically unsatisfied and constantly at war with themselves and the world, forever seeking satisfaction through their mystical longings for a better life in this world. “Hope and change” through politics as their solution.

Why the Far-left Has to Erase America’s Past

Far-left ideologues reject America’s historical past because they hate the freedom that the American people have to live as they please. Therefore, almost anything that happened in the authoritarian social order prior to around 1960 in America is categorically rejected according to their anti-authoritarian mantra. This hatred is constantly expressed by rewriting and distorting America’s past history and by destroying the reputation of every great American public figure with authority that lived in the past. By having Americans forget their historical past, their objective is to turn America into a socialist state similar to the defunct Soviet system where authority resided with the politically centralized State. This Far-left’s tactic of the emotional plague is designed to destroy the life of the American people.

Because of severe ocular armor and their highly intellectualized defensive system of thinking, the Far-left’s hatred of authority on the individual level blinds them from using their eyes to see America’s historical past and its greatness without distortion and in true perspective.

Biological Comprehension Requires Functional Thinking

Mechanistic thinking in biology always makes a secondary or tertiary biological process the primary factor.  Consider the latest “discovery” in biology  that claims that a single molecule, the hormone oxytocin, is at the center of our moral lives. In his new book, “The Moral Molecule” Paul J. Zak asserts that the presence or the absence of this molecule in the blood stream is the reason that some people are caring and generous while others are cruel and greedy.  Typical of the way mechanists think, he goes on in mystical fashion to propose that this new science of morality can be used to create a more virtuous society.  He writes, “If you detect the makings of an endless loop that can feed back onto itself, creating what might be called a virtuous circuit- and ultimately a more virtuous society- you are getting the idea.” (See The Truest Molecule by Paul J. Zak, The Wall Street Journal, April 28-29 2012).

This kind of thinking about biological processes is downright destructive not only because it leads nowhere but also because it generates more mystical distortions and confusion in biology.  It is another manifestation of the emotional plague in natural science.

From a functional-energetic perspective, all living organism’s pulsate.  Their biological  orgone energy expands out to the world with pleasurable stimuli and it contracts away from the world with painful or noxious stimuli.  Pulsation is a primary biological function and it is anchored structurally in the organism’s plasmatic system which includes the autonomic nervous system, the vascular system, endocrine system and the immune system.  These systems are responsible for maintaining all the life functions of the organism.  It is true that the hormone oxytocin is elevated in functions that involve expansive or pleasurable activities of the organism.  However, the expansive function of biological orgone energy is primary and is what determines the blood levels of oxytocin.  Taking a secondary function, oxytocin, and attributing a primary importance to it is an evasion of recognizing the primary orgonotic functions that are the foundation of life.