Why the Far-left Has to Erase America’s Past

Far-left ideologues reject America’s historical past because they hate the freedom that the American people have to live as they please. Therefore, almost anything that happened in the authoritarian social order prior to around 1960 in America is categorically rejected according to their anti-authoritarian mantra. This hatred is constantly expressed by rewriting and distorting America’s past history and by destroying the reputation of every great American public figure with authority that lived in the past. By having Americans forget their historical past, their objective is to turn America into a socialist state similar to the defunct Soviet system where authority resided with the politically centralized State. This Far-left’s tactic of the emotional plague is designed to destroy the life of the American people.

Because of severe ocular armor and their highly intellectualized defensive system of thinking, the Far-left’s hatred of authority on the individual level blinds them from using their eyes to see America’s historical past and its greatness without distortion and in true perspective.


  1. They are intent on snuffing out life, hard won accomplishment and pride. They cannot tolerate it. They cannot tolerate fullness.

    • Exactly right.

    • Excellent article and comment!

      • The overriding problem is that the majority of people don’t know they are like this and do this. They are defeated and deflated.

      • People not knowing that they are “like this” is an example of their cluelessness. This subject is what my forthcoming book,”Clueless” is about.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Konia. Yes, I know they do not know “why they are like this” and I eagerly await CLUELESSNESS being published.

  3. “The first battleground is the re-writing of history”
    Karl Marx

    • From the social perspective the function of re-writing history is identical to that of repression in the case of an individual. Eliminating the social past renders the masses of people helpless to take care of themselves and dependent on their “leaders” to care for them. This is part of the emotional plague’s tactic on the political left.

  4. While very interesting, I think you are taking a too static view of history. There is not one unchanging written history. When new additions of text books come out, they don’t merely add new chapters with recent events. Instead they go back and revise the earlier chapters as well. This has gone on since the 19th century, done by both the right & left. An example are the changing views on Reconstruction. Also, the reputation of historical figures have always gone up and down. It seems that Adams and Hamilton are up in comparison to Jefferson these days. Because certain figures of the past, such as Nathan Bedford Forrest, now come under scrutiny does not mean that that his critics “hate” America or wish to erase the past.

    • One has to look at the character structure of the historian to know if his view of history is trustworthy. This is where knowledge of socio-political characterology that has been developed into the science of Social Orgonomy is important. I suggest that you read Chapter 13, in Baler’s book, “Man in the Trap”.

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