The Far-left’s Case to Impeach President Trump

What is the energy source behind the far-left’s movement to impeach President Trump? People on the far-left seem to respect authority but they do so out of a fear of directly expressing their own underlying, anti-authoritarian, hateful emotions. Because of this fear, they will twist any social issue that can be used to justify their preconceived beliefs that are supported by their morality of political correctness.

But, when the pressure behind their emotional tension becomes intolerable and the opportunity presents itself, their highly intellectualized moral code of political correct behavior breaks down. Then, their underlying hatred of authority breaks through their armor into the social surface in full force and must be directly expressed.

However, the source of the hatred that demands expression against President Trump of these far-leftists has nothing whatsoever to do with him. It arises from intolerable feelings of hatred within themselves related to their own, personal lives and this is what must be avoided by being expressed politically. This is the reason that these Trump haters are driven to find some kind of evidence that they can use to justify expressing their personal feelings of hatred outwardly by incriminating him of some crime – any crime – to destroy him.


  1. Dr Konia
    This is Bio-Emotional Social Psychiatric diagnosis at the highest level and from my view one of your more specific and clear descriptions of how emotional plague activity originates in the individual armored condition and ultimately infects the social arena.
    Greatly appreciated

  2. This hatred was very clearly seen in the cross examination by Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, Democrat of NY, of Ambassador Gordon Sondheim, who is clearly no friend of the President.

    • Correction, Ambassador Sondland.

  3. From my Oct. 19 comment: “Where are the leaders or the spontaneous action from the conservatives, and why can the Left get the masses riled up so often without difficulty?”

    You have answered why the Leftists are so fervent to “protest” en masse, as they are emotionally desperate. Does that mean the Right are more “satisfied” emotionally? Even if that is so, what about the core protecting its liberty?

    • Many of your questions could be answered if the existence and operation EP were recognized and understood by a sufficient number of people. This is a massive public education project that the College has become responsible for taking on. It is part of the College’s training program in Social Orgonomy

  4. Your analysis is on point as usual! Thank you Dr Konia.
    Was also curious of your take on why there appears to be a world wide malaise in the form of rioting and protests that has been breaking out now, despite rising economic prosperity as illustrated in this article.
    Clearly the armored masses are unable to cope with the inability of govt to relieve them of their inner anxiety, And it appears this anxiety is becoming ever more pronounced worldwide. But why now?

    • The increase in social anxiety today is the result of the acceleration in the process of the anti-authoritarian transformation. The old, authoritarian form of social armor including religion that existed in the past is no longer able to keep society together.

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