How the Representative System of Government in America Collapsed

The representative form of government in America that existed for over two hundred years was based on the authority and responsibility of individuals on all levels of social organization from the family to the government, a form of social armor that conformed to armor in the average individual living in the authoritarian era.

This was the situation until around 1960 when the authoritarian society began to fall apart resulting in today’s anti-authoritarian society. Accompanying the anti-authoritarian transformation, the structure of the authoritarian family began to break down and, as a result, young people were left adrift as their individual armor also began to change. Increased levels of anxiety resulted in the formation of ocular armor which replaced muscular armor in the younger generation. As a result of the breakdown of the authoritarian family and of individual armor, young people were left feeling helpless and disoriented. Having no parental authority to rely on and guide them, they began looking to the authority of outside groups including politicians for answers.

This was accompanied by a change in the function of politics. Instead of representing the needs of responsible people, politicians became the ones who assumed a substitute parental role as leaders for the emotionally immature, irresponsible young people. They told them what they needed to hear and pretended to be their caretakers (“hope and care”). This was the formula for the rise to power of the New Left politicians in the Democratic Party at the time of the beginning of the anti-authoritarian transformation and why the two-party system in government can no longer function.


  1. Fabulous. So clear. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome.

  2. Rise of The Nanny State and Big Brother

    • exactly

  3. Aren’t women and “the minorities” the real problem? If only white males could vote there would always be a stable Republican (and maybe here and there a conservative Democratic) majority! In a perverse way the leftist pests are right: gender and “race” is the all-important factor. Europe is destroyed by two factors: white women, who are full of “compassion,” and the ethnic vote of minorities who callously only vote according to the interests of their race and religion and not according to the interest of society as a whole. Democracy and the “open society” destroys itself.

    • Peter,
      Things are a little different in America.

      • Leaving aside Peter’s comment on the “compassion of women” which is off the mark, as white males also vote for the Left, I think he has a valid point about identity voting in the US, but with a more nefarious twist. We are the only country that permits voting without identification, and added to this, enable illegal immigrants to vote! Hillary Clinton and others might not have won the popular vote without this unacceptable corrupt practice so engrained in the system.

    • I do not want to be disruptive, obnoxious, or appear opinionated, I also hesitated for quite a while, but I do not understand the criticism directed at me.

      Of course, there are ethnic and gender gaps in American partisan orientation:

      And, of course, women are more compassionate:

      …Over the years, considerable research has pointed out that women outperform men in most aspects of empathy, which means that in general, women have a higher developed empathy than men. …the reason why women outperform men on empathy can be found in proximate mechanisms of empathy, like endocrine and neural differences between men and women. The masculine hormone testosterone is shown to inhibit empathy, while the feminine hormone oxytocin promotes empathic reactions to others. Also on a neural level there are several examples of gender differences that are involved in empathy…”'s

      Of course, liberal men have less testosterone, are less “manly,” and do not defend their self-interests, i.e., their territory.

      And when I visit absurd websites as the following…

      • Peter,

        Don’t get lost in the details. The big picture that goes completely unnoticed is the anti-authoritarian transformation of Western society that began around 1960 and the accompanying shift to the political left in the population at large. This was an exacerbation of the EP in human life that infected men as well as women.

      • This is the problem with discussing pioneering research, anything a layperson, like me, can “contribute” is, of necessity, a distraction – with the slight hope it could, by chance, be somewhat more than that occasionally.

      • I don’t think your opinions are distractions, au contraire, they are usually insightful. But there is also a place for criticism when needed.

      • Peter, I live in the American South, a large area of our country that helped propel Trump to the presidency. And I can assure you that the vast majority of white women of the South voted republican. So, Im quite happy women have the vote!:)
        As for their compassion, without it we’d probably all still be cave dwellers.
        Am not putting down your comments,though, just offering a differing point of view. Healthy debate spawns growth and knowledge

  4. Horse feathers, Peter.

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