The Social Invasiveness of the Anti-authoritarian Transformation

Accompanying the break-up of the authoritarian family spearheaded by the far-left’s attack on the authority of the father in family life, the emotional plague’s invasiveness of American society is as widespread and relentless today as much as it continues to be unrecognized. Here are more destructive social consequences of the anti-authoritarian transformation:

1) The decline of patriotism in young people. According to a Gallup poll released just before the Fourth of July of this year, the share of participants who felt “extremely proud” to be an American was the lowest in the poll’s 18-year history- just 47% down from 70% in 2003. The poll found that ” the younger you are, the less likely you are to say that patriotism is a ‘very important’ value”.

From a bio-psychiatric perspective, young people who are not in touch with their good fortune and gratitude to be living in America and who don’t feel a sense of pride to be an American live in a severe state of cluelessness. They have little if any emotional contact with their biological core. The great danger to all Americans is that these youngster’s inability to feel grateful renders them incapable of defending their freedom to live as they please if the threat to America ever becomes real.

2) The rise in the suicide rate of young people. The suicide rate among young people ages 10-14 years old has increased 56% between 2007 and 2014 according to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since 2007, the suicide rates in general have increased in all ages and ethnic groups during the following decade.

The reason for the rising suicide rate is unclear to child and adolescent psychiatrists. No information is being given about the early history or about the family lives of these young people, factors that are crucial to their emotional development. Not one word is said about the emotional destructiveness to youngsters resulting from the absence of contact with parental authority figures typical in today’s anti-authoritarian families. To make matters worse, leftist ideologues are never taken to task for the harm they do by systematically attacking what still remains intact of parental authority today.

3) The helplessness of mental health professionals. The people whose responsibility it is to deal with the social problems resulting from the anti-authoritarian transformation are incapable of effectively doing their job because they lack the capacity for functional thinking about the social events that are happening. What is required is a method of thinking – functional thinking – that corresponds to the way nature functions. This is contained in the science of social orgonomy.


  1. According to the most recent German youth study the most striking feature of “generation Z” is the want to please. They took it from their usage of social media, where the most important thing in life are “likes and shares.” They are politically correct in order to be popular. So the rather confusing effect of the transformation is that youth these days is not rebellious but docile, unable to be different, and to think by themselves like rebels. They do as they are told by globalist NGOs which in turn are branches of mega corporations. The “Soros” entered the gap left open by parents who neglected their parental authority.

    • The disease, anti-authoritarianism, is the same in America and in Europe. The symptoms can take different forms.

  2. I have great respect for your work, doctor. Please correct me if i ‘m wrong (and i might as well be): authentic patriotic pride, humble gratefulness etc are core feelings indeed.

    But WITH armor, patriotic pride can become hollow words and shouts, which is impotent orgastic longing, the feeling that ”i need someone or something to make me feel proud, to make me burst from pride, to make me feel something”. Pride for one’s own accomplishments is more important than patriotic pride, which historically can be as plague-infested as any other (originally worthwhile) cause. Have i misunderstood Wilhelm Reich in this?

    WITH armor, the troubled youth with misplaced rebelliousness cannot feel grateful even if he should — but should he always? His parents may be likewise armored, and in many cases abusive.

    Shouldn’t a distinction be made between armored and unarmored patriotic pride? Otherwise, claiming the lack of patriotic pride in general is a symptom in and of itself comes off as elderly preaching to the youngster who has experienced armored ‘patriotic pride’ of a harsh, loveless, nightmarish kind. Likewise, shouldn’t a distinction be made between life’s capacity for appropriate gratefulness and an abusive parent’s demand for inappropriate gratefulness (other than blind luck for being born in America)?

    • Your comment is about the layering of the bio-psychic apparatus, the core, the destructive secondary layer and the surface or facade. This distinction must always be made when emotions are discussed.

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