The Far-left’s Ability to Dissemble

Like the cuttlefish that has the ability to change it’s physical appearance by mimicking its environment, the pseudo-liberal/communist can do the same by seeming to look indistinguishable from normal people in its society. No longer do extreme leftists openly call themselves card-carrying communists proclaiming to violently overthrow America as they once did in the past authoritarian era. In today’s anti-authoritarian era they, together with the far-left dominated media call themselves “progressives”, respected leaders and loyal members of the Democratic Party with all the benefits and respect that every member of Congress is given. Unrecognized by most of the clueless public, they only seem to say and do all the right things according to the laws of the land; but, in reality, the effect of their thoughts and actions is to destroy our nation from within, by imposing control of public opinion through the media using the same old communist rhetoric and tactic of past times dressed up in new clothing.

The cuttlefish and the pseudo-liberal/communist have one goal that is the same, to survive by dissembling.


  1. Very well stated, Dr. Konia. Thank you. And I hope you have a Merry Christmas in spite of it all!

    • You’re welcome, and the same to you and your family.

  2. A spot on analysis Dr Konia…as usual! Looking very forward your new book, CLUELESS! Considering the importance of your writings, especially your books, have you ever considered reaching out to certain conservatives who have large audiences, such as Tucker Carlson, Marl Levin or Sean Hanniity? These three appear to have kind of a handle on the sickness associated with the far left. They may not understand the term “emotional plague”, but perhaps intuitively they might relate? Worth a try, or am I being naive? So important for the concept of EP, and the destructiveness it wrecks, to become mainstream, since it seems to be winning the day.

    • Thank you for the idea. I think it a good one but don’t have the wherewithal to follow up on it. It took someone like Reich who was a physician to see the social problems of humanity as a medical ones. The people you mentioned do not think in medical terms. At the same time, medical people do not think about social problems in medical terms. This is the ocular problem of armored humans that somehow must be gotten through. Happy holidays!

    • Elliott
      A couple of points that I would like to make regarding the idea that the conservative talk show hosts that you mentioned “kind of have a handle on the sickness associated with the far left”.
      1) I agree with that view and I think that there is a significant part of the population that have a sense of “something bad going on” and it being related to PC and the “far left”. I could list hundreds of high profile people that have commented a little or a lot publicly about the destructiveness of PC and/or the far left. That being said there is a vast gap to bridge between the idea of PC being a bad idea in America and laying out a practical plan to combat what is now inculcated into the fabric of our society at every level. It has taken at least 100 years for PC and the far left to have the influence that it does today and I don’t believe that it can be reversed in a short period of time even though it would be wonderful if that could take place.
      2) There is an excitement phase that is associated with the ideas that flow from orgonomic functionalism. What Reich, Baker, Konia and the ACO have documented over the past 100 years is the beginning of a new body of knowledge that will take 100’s if not 1000’s of years to take root and hopefully gain significant traction in the greater social realm. The concept of the emotional plague is one that can produce a high level of excitement once digested and understood but needs the most careful of handling in the social arena. Dr Konia spent a good part of his adult lifetime producing his great book on the subject and I think that it is more realistic to think in terms of attracting a decent amount of people with the appropriate character structure who can focus on applying the knowledge at hand on the subject in a rational and responsible way. And that is not something that is likely to happen quickly.
      3) I think that there is still much to learn and discover through applied focus and trial and error in regards to containing the current outbreak of the emotional plague in hopes of containing and eventually eliminating the spread of the disease in the greater social realm (i.e the macro).
      Reich put into perspective the difficulties related to premature action. I believe he was referring to “freedom peddling” but I think that his statement applies to truth or freedom peddling. I am paraphrasing here “It robs the truth of its opportunity to prove itself, to sharpen its tools, to structuralize its conduct, to know its enemy, to cope with trouble, to persist in danger.” With regards to dealing with the emotional plague on a massive scale (as we are experiencing today) I think these words apply and ring true.
      All this to say I am not suggesting that there is nothing to be done. Instead I think that much ground work needs to be done before presenting an idea like the emotional plague to a TV host and his audience in a 10 minute clip on prime time TV.

      • Your perspective about the magnitude of the problems facing us is right on. What we need is to take a step back and to have this broad perspective and also to be patient and find ways of making effective contact with the public at the right time one step at a time.

      • Dr. Konia
        thank you for your feedback and I hope 2020 is a healthy and successful year for you

      • You’re welcome! I hope the same for you.

    • Elliott
      I wanted to add one more quote from another great thinker that I hope will give added perspective to the challenge of rescinding and eliminating a destructive social agreement like PC.
      In the mid 70’s Solzhenitsyn gave a speech at Harvard. The article that I was reading quoted a line from his speech. The author of that article was pointing out that the social pressure to conform is not simply an annoyance. It is, according to Solzhenitsyn, a “petrified armor around people’s minds.” This is a description that can be applied to the bio-emotional way in which PC cripples our fellow citizens’ ability to think and function rationally.
      By the way, Solzhenitsyn was shocked at the poor treatment he received from the U.S. press and media in general. The infectious disease of the far left had already made great strides by the mid 70’s.

  3. Again, well stated.

  4. If hyperthension is arnie of the thoracic segment, hipothension what is?

    • Hypertension and hypotension can be the result of many underlying causes.

  5. Sometimes, like the fish, the leftists change quickly and drastically, as when Pelosi solemnly announced the impeachment: “Let us begin where our Founders began in 1776…”, she said. Tucker Carlson of Fox News had this to say, “For a brief moment, the Founders of our country are useful to the left, so they’re presented as heroes. Enjoy it while it lasts”. Of course it won’t last. As you stated in your last article, they have nothing but hatred for “every great American public figure with authority that lived in the past”.
    Cuttlefish will, at times, eat their own. I watched the last Democrat debate hoping for a sign of this behavior, but other than a few scuffles, they did not go after one another on the big lies, corruption and deceit. Nevertheless, unlike Obama, a master of deception and disguise, this group is losing the battle of concealment, thanks to Trump who is causing them to reveal themselves.

  6. I like what are you point out in your last sentence, Sue. To me, this is the number one most characteristic thing about Trump and the phenomenon of the Trump candidacy and Presidency: Trump causes people to reveal themselves. He in affect pause back the curtain to reveal the little man In his opponents, the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. I think it’s fair to say this is associated at least partially with his total lack of political correctness. And more than that, he actively and aggressively goes after political correctness and confronts it. To me, this attack on political correctness by Trump is actually the number one most important aspect of his Presidency. It is a direct assault on the emotional plague, because as Dr. Konia has pointed out, political correctness is a new manifestation of the emotional plague. Another related phenomenon is that Trump’s aggression is completely out in the open and totally direct. The left, which is actually by far more aggressive than the right, is paralyzed by Trump’s directness because their whole existence depends on them trying to pretend that they are not aggressive and that their philosophy is benign and empathic, when in reality their philosophy is extremely aggressive and destructive. Whatever complaints one might have about Trump, he is a brilliant character analyst!

    • *he in effect pulls back the curtain (sorry for the typo).

      • Exactly…well put David. I loved the way Trump fleshed out the true nature of most politicians during the Republican primary debates, stating that most of the candidates were career politicians who “talked a lot” but never got anything done! Talk about exposing their underlying true nature! And calling Jeb Bush “low energy” & Marco Rubio ‘little Marco” while crass sounding on the surface, actually depicted a kind of deep truth about them. With one felt brilliant character analytic swoop, he effectively ended the candidacy of those two “homo normalis” types. His great strength is the ability to expose people for who they really are.. He most likely would have made an excellent psychiatrist if he’d chosen that path!

      • The “character analytic” ability he has allows him to expose the phony and superficial aspects of his opponents—their facades. This makes them look ridiculous, exposes them. He is deft at pointing out in what way the emperor has no clothes, thus leading his opponents naked and stripped of their façade. He pulls back the curtain so you see the little man, the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. This makes him extremely difficult to defeat. I have so far not seen anyone who is able to do that back to him. His “center of gravity“ is just too low to chip him over. Like him or not, there is something very real about him.

      • A recent interview of Trump by Limbaugh, where the “drawing out” of the inherent secondary layer of the Leftists are discussed. Especially Trump I believe is well aware of the Emotional Plague. The unknown is how deep does he understand it, and is he at all aware of Reich? One must not forget that he is in a political world where compromise and “dealing with the devil” is required, plus the masses are incapable of full truth. The above and also the Deep State/little man supporters, limits his ability to fight completely, but non-the-less he is doing a great job.

      • I Agee.

  7. I agree with you David. Also, while fighting against the emotional plague, which he seems to understand by instinct, he is undoing as much damage as he can in the time that he has. When we lived in NY, I never liked him and had no idea that he would become a one man crusade against the evil forces on the verge of destroying the country.

    • Agreed! I never had any interest in him whatsoever, he seemed just like a ridiculous buffoon. I mean, who cares about gold buildings! But once he began to do well in the campaign, I started doing a little research on him. I looked on YouTube, and I found a number of different videos of him interviewing his children and vice versa, and other videos of him talking about his own childhood. First thing: he loved his father and wanted to be just like him. The other thing that was so important to me was that I could see that Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Junior love him and want to more or less be just like him! That clinched it for me, because I think it’s very difficult for the children of a rich and famous man to have relatively unambivalent feelings towards their father. That told me that he must’ve done something right in their eyes. At that point I was “sold.”

  8. If the liberal defends with the intellect, is his physique less muscular than that of the conservative?

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