The Invasion of the Emotional Plague into American Life

A nation is a natural bio-social organization. A first line of defense of a biological system is at its boundary that functions to separate it from the environment. The existence of a nation as a bio-social system depends on its boundaries – its borders – being secured and protected. A primary function of national borders is to control the spread of the emotional plague from country to country.

The transformation of society from an authoritarian to anti-authoritarian and the worldwide shift of the socio-political mainstream to the political far-left has been accompanied by a catastrophic weakening and breakdown of national boundaries not only in America but throughout the Western world. Think of the European Union and of countries in the Middle East as examples of what happens socially, economically and militarily when national borders are weakened or dissolved.

The anti-authoritarian transformation has resulted in America becoming vulnerable at its southern border. The emotional plagues’ threat to the American nation is aggravated by relentless pressure from leftist ideologues who are driven to completely eliminate the border by arguing that it will “build internationalism” and “bring about world peace”.

These reasons are bogus. In fact, if successful, eliminating the border will have exactly the opposite effect. It will facilitate and accelerate the spread of the emotional plagues’ infestation from other parts of the world into America that, until now, has been prevented by effective border control. If borders are eliminated, the plague’s destructiveness to America will escalate and become out of control. The arguments from the far-left are being used as ideological weapons by the emotional plague to attack and destroy every American institution including the protective function of its borders.

The operation of the plague continues to be universally unrecognized even as its invasiveness spreads into every area of life. This is a manifestation of human cluelessness and a highly dangerous symptom of ocular pathology on a mass bio-social scale. It results in people’s inability to see the plague’s destructiveness and renders them helpless to protect themselves as the infestation is happening right in front of their eyes.


  1. Thank you, Dr. Konia.

    • you’re welcome, David

  2. So easy to understand, just fabulous.

  3. In the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 51 Number 1 , Foglia’ s articlcle “Three Case of Severe Work Disturbance” the problem is the armor in the chest and not in sexual life.
    Reich “In mass psychology of fascism” Orgone institue press pag. 252 states “The opposite is true: the more satisfactory the sex life, the fuller and more pleasurable is the work achievement”

    • The statement in Dr. Foglia’s article is that the immediate problem is in the patient’s chest. This has to be addressed before the sexual problem.

  4. In the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 51 Number 1, Foglia’ s article “Three Case of Severe Work Disturbance” state that the problem is the armor in the chest and not in the sexual life. Reich in “Mass psychology of fascism” Orgone Institute Press at pag. 252 staes:
    “The opposite is true: the more satisfactory the sex life, the fuller and more plesurable is the work achievement”

  5. Michael Savage’s „Borders, language, and culture” (as an European I would add ethnicity). All three are like-wise under attack by the left. Culture renders cohesion, purpose, and direction (“Leitkultur”, “leading culture”) and language is more than just communication but implies a whole weltanschauung going way back to our indo-European ancestors in the Russian steps north of the Caucasus. SJWs are about to change even the way we expressed ourselves for millennia, which only can end in utter confusion – even more ocular armor. (Beyond implanting Spanish in the US, and Turkish and Arabic in Germany.)

    What are the bioenergetic equivalents of culture and language?

    • Thank you, Peter. The functions of language and culture have to do with people’s contact with themselves and with each other, socially. With contactlessness, these functions break down.

      • You’re welcome.

    • According to Martin Heidegger language is „das Haus des Seins“ (the house of existence/being/beingness, i.e. orgonotic contact). As mystical and “cerebral” it sounds there is obviously some truth to it. The corrosion (“deconstruction”) of our language makes us more and more homeless on a very fundamental level. We become “clueless,” blindly and insecurely stumbling through wilderness without orientation. Due to political correctness we can no longer think clearly (functionalism) and cooperate effectively (work democracy). This was, of course, always the goal of the Communists (as well as the black fascist big corp. elite of the West), the reign over an amorphous entropic mass blabbering along in Ebonics. This goes along with the “deconstruction” of culture. Our very roots are cut. In the US parents pay a fortune to get their children thus brainwashed, annihilating the work of countless generations. In Germany the lobotomy is done for free. Nihilism! Tradition is broken, the continuity ended, and we become essentially autistic animals, or rather livestock to be led to the slaughter house. One only has to look at the spooky Friday for Future kids or the antifa zombies.

  6. Dr. Konia,
    Thank you for continuing your posts. I always learn something from them and wanted you to know how much I appreciate your taking the time to keep them going.

  7. Thank you for your analysis of the border agenda and important identification of unrecognized sickness passing for rational thinking affecting us all. We have doors and walls on our houses. Someone knocks on the door. We go to the door, see who it is, we assess. We may let the person in or not. The danger of not having a door or not blocking unassessed entrance is clear.

    • I Like your analogy. It’s simple and clear.

    • Thanks for this.

      • You’re welcome.

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