The Unholy Alliance Between the Left and the Far-left

To have any understanding of what is happening in the political arena one must have an idea 1) of the layering of the human bio-psychic apparatus, the biological core, the destructive middle layer and the superficial layer or facade and 2) of socio-political characterology, in particular, the difference between the true liberal and the pseudo-liberal/communist.

The true liberal belongs to the left of political center. His liberal ideology, democratic idealism, originates from his superficial layer and functions as a defense to contain his own destructive secondary or middle layer. By contrast, the far-left, pseudo liberal/communist belongs on the extreme left. His hateful ideology directed at America is an expression from his destructive middle layer but he conceals it by pretending to be operating from his superficial layer, the social surface. In effect, he is hiding his evilness behind a benign facade. However, because the liberals’ ideology of idealism is a defense against his own destructive middle layer, he is blind to the far- left pseudo liberal/communists’ deception and destructiveness.

This is the dynamic relationship that is being played out between these two socio-political character types. Although belonging to the same Democratic Party, their political alliance will continue to have destructive consequences for the entire nation well into the future because the far-left has taken ideological control of that Party.


  1. Incidentally, can you please discuss Adam Schiff’s eyes?

    • It is hard to say anything about his eyes by viewing him on TV.

      • I imagine so much emotional energy has concentrated in his brain that his eyes are immobile and protruding.

        By the way, can you define biophysical collapse, please?

      • Biophysical collapse is a term to describe shock. There are two kinds of shock, autonomic or vegetative shock, collapse of the autonomic nervous system, and vascular shock.

      • One more question, please: Is it correct to say that expressing his/her brutal and inhuman character may cause a pseudo-liberal to go into shock?

  2. Thank you for the post, Dr. Konia. When I read this post, something struck me for the first time. My reaction to the post was to feel that “even this“ is too deep for people! For example, I imagined sharing this post on my Facebook page to friends that I’ve had over the years, most of whom are politically liberal. I imagined their hostile and incredulous response. And then it hit me that politics (The social realm) really is deeper than individual psychology, as the orgonomic literature suggests. That is also consistent with my observations of people. Politics seems to strike the deepest possible chord in people. That makes me wonder: is biopolitical character also deeper than individual (psychosexual) character?

    There has been discussion in the past about the need to approach people on a level that is more superficial than talking about orgonomic biology, for example things like orgasm anxiety or the function of the orgasm in general. And yet I can’t help feeling that somehow politics pushes people‘s buttons even deeper than a discussion of the function of the orgasm would! i’m not writing this in order to advocate discussing the function of the orgasm on a blog. What I am wondering is whether, in order to reach people, we need to somehow get even more superficial than talking about the anti-authoritarian transformation! Perhaps the answer is to write about contactlessness (cluelessness) in general, as you have done in your upcoming book.

    • No. Individual and socio-political character both originate from the middle layer. Neither aspects of a persons character can be discussed in a social setting because they both are related to the defenses of a persons’ armor. They can only be addressed in a therapeutic setting when indicated.

  3. If in hypertension the problem is the chest, why running and cycling also lower the blood pressure?

    • Heavy breathing?

    • exercise mobilizes the chest and can lower blood pressure in some cases.

  4. Would it be correct to say that biophysical collapse is identical to the collapse of a pseudo-liberal’s intellectual defense against exposure of his brutal and inhumane character?

    • The only way to answer your question would be to see what happens when the pseudo liberals’ intellectual defenses collapse when they are are opposed and exposed.

      • Again, and again and again, Dr. Konia, I thank you for your unfailing clarity, most especially now when everybody’s misperceptions are out on the surface. And I do mean it!! THANK YOU!!


      • You’re welcome.

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