Impeachment: Another Symptom of the Emotional Plague

The anti-authoritarian transformation of American society that began around 1960 was the result of the shift in the political mainstream to the left of center. This was when Congress became infested with the emotional plague in the form of extreme leftist politicians that invaded the Democratic Party. This started the polarization that we see today of the political forces in Congress to the left and the right.

At this time, the dynamics of the political relationship between members of the Democrat and Republican Party changed from attractive opposition to antagonistic opposition. No longer were the opposing political forces of the Party’s able to work together to address problems that their country was facing as they had done in the past. Now, their relationship turned into a political battle between them each struggling for their own survival. The Two-Party system of the past was over.

This is the background behind the current political movement from the political left that is leveling charges of impeachment against President Trump. Since the charges are purely fictional and ideological, they are symptoms of the emotional plague. The motive force behind it is more sinister than simply destroying the President of the United States. It is to undermine the entire foundation of the American system of government and prepare the way for a centralized, Soviet style dictatorship.

The political movement first started from the destructive secondary layer of leftist extremists within Congress and their leftist cohorts from outside of the government back in the 60s. Today, the plague is attempting to reap the rewards of its decades-long efforts. They will not stop until their political mischief is recognized and eradicated.


  1. Can you please give a definition of “extremism” and how to tell an extremist from a moderate or democratic leftist? Who is an example of a moderate, non-extremist on the Left? What are some of the policies and proposed programs on the Left that are not “extremist”? Who falls to the left of the center of the spectrum who is not an extremist? What separates them from the extremists?

    • Please read Chapter 13 in “Man in the Trap by Baker. He describes political spectrum on the left, including the extremist (communist) very well. In today’s anti-authoritarian world communist is not PC. They are now called pseudo-liberals or modern liberals.

  2. Dr. Konia, Thank you for this post. I weep reading it because it is so spot-on. Judy

    • You’re welcome.

  3. As a non-native speaker I wonder about: „No longer were the opposing political forces of the Party’s able to work together….” Do you mean “Parties” instead of “Party’s?” The opposing political forces inside each Party, or the opposing political forces represented by the two Parties?

    • The latter.

  4. Is homosexuality an illness according to orgonomy? I read your article in the Journal of Orgonomy Number 11 Volume 2 and your blogs December 17, 2010 and September 1,
    2019. Is homosexuality an illness in the DSM V?

    • Homosexuality is a symptom of an emotional illness. Ii is not an illness in DSM V.

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