Trump’s Impeachment by the Far-left is an Old Communist Trick

It’s not what you say that counts. What matters is the effect of what you say. As long as you repeat anything long enough, it will acquire a reality of its own. This is a tactic that today’s far-left pseudo-liberals in the Democratic Party have borrowed from their past communist cohorts to destroy President Trump and the American Presidency.


  1. Agreed!

  2. Dr Konia
    Below is an extract on page 59 from The Emotional Plague. It expands upon the first two sentences of your post.
    “What constitutes irrational behavior and appropriate response is best determined by evaluating an act’s effect or function. We must first ask. What are the consequences of a particular action on the core functions of individuals and of society? The social destructiveness of many actions goes unnoticed because this criterion is ignored.”
    This was one of the gems that I gleaned from the book that helped reshape my thinking and understanding of the world around me.

  3. the first line of my comment should have been Below is an extract from page 59

  4. The Democratic Party in the early 60s and now:

  5. It’s essentially the Communist take-over of America:

    Future Republican presidents will face the same political tactics as Trump has since 2016, Schlapp predicted.
    “Whoever comes in the wake of Donald Trump — and I believe he’ll get a second term — this is what awaits them,” warned Schlapp. “If they can impeach you and then remove you when you’ve never committed a crime, it really means there’s no elections. It’s not just the electoral college they want to get rid of, it’s essentially presidential elections.”

    • Schlapp is right on.

  6. Peter, thanks for the clip of Bernie Sanders.

  7. The link below contains an article from a high level conventional thinker who brilliantly, in one brief article, encapsulates what we are witnessing from a beautifully presented historic perspective. He provides a much deeper and thorough analysis than most writers on the subject matter of Trump and the pseudo-liberal/democratic/deep state reaction to Trump. It is a breathe of fresh air for those who have a functional perspective of the conflict playing out between the emotional plague and healthy life in today’s world. Pass it on if you agree with my assessment. It is also in stark contrast and a nice antidote to what most of us, on a daily basis, hear from the media, friends and loved ones who are blinded and unable to see things as they are.

    • Pleasure anxiety! Fear of streaming!

    • Libs are unable to distinguish between healthy, natural aggression from the core and pathological aggression from the secondary layer. So they fear any aggression. This is also a manifestation of the fear of their own streamings, along side of a projection, of a fear of their own repressed aggression in their secondary layer:

      Reich, W. (1942/1971) The Function of the Orgasm. Translated by Theodore P. Wolfe. New York: The Noonday Press

      Chapter V: The Development of the Character-Analytic Technique

      Section 4: Destruction, Aggression and Sadism

      “‘Aggression’ in the strict sense of the word has nothing to do with either sadism or destruction. Its literal meaning is ‘approaching’. Every positive manifestation of life is aggressive; pleasurable sexual activity as well as destructive hateful activity; sadistic activity as well as the securing of food. Aggression is the living manifestation of the musculature, the system of motion and locomotion. Much of the pernicious inhibition of aggression which our children have to suffer is due to the equation of ‘aggressive’ with ‘wicked’ or ‘sexual.’ The goal of aggression is always that of making possible the gratification of a vital need. Aggression is, therefore, not an instinct in the proper sense, but the indispensable means of gratifying any instinct….If aggressive sexuality is barred from gratification, the urge to obtain gratification remains, nonetheless. The impulse arises to obtain it by all possible means. The aggressive tone begins to drown out the tone of love. If the pleasure aim has been completely eliminated, if it has become unconscious or beset with anxiety, then aggression–originally only a means to an end–becomes itself the behavior which will release tension. Aggression then becomes pleasurable as such. In this way, sadism arises. The loss of the real love aim results in hatred. One hates most when one is prevented from loving or being loved.” (Page 131-132)

    • Trump has open, mostly healthy aggression. Liberals are unable to be aggressive in a natural and healthy way. So when they see anyone who is aggressive in a healthy way, it makes them afraid and they jump to conclusions, mostly based on projection of their own repressed aggression which they are completely unaware of. So they call Trump a fascist even though they, in fact, are the fascists.

      • Spot on David!

      • Thanks.

  8. Stephen, good article! Thanks!

  9. glad you enjoyed it David
    you are welcome

  10. in the Journal of Orgonomy Volume 51 Number 1 at page 36 Chastka write “Konia (2000) but in References is not mentioned.

    At page 42 Chastka write “dialectical behavioral therapy”. Do he mean Marsha Linehan?

    • I’m not familiar with that person.

  11. On the way to the USSA:

    • Thank you.

    • Wow.

  12. It’s not about Left or Right. It’s about a Lawless President who does whatever he wants and has never in his entire life been held accountable. Take a look at the honorable people who have left or been fired by this capricious President. Take a look at all the grifters who have worked for him. The Grifter in Chief who has “gamed” the system his entire life and bent it to his Will through an army of lawyers and litigatioin to get away with murder.All for whose benefit-.Donald J.Trump. Not this country. Not freedom. Not patriotism, not the working man.

    • You’re right it’s not about Left or Right. And what does the Democratic Party have to offer instead?

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