The Realm of the Devil

One of Wilhelm Reich’s contributions to psychiatry was to delineate the three layers of the armored human’s bio-psychiatric apparatus, the biological core, the destructive secondary layer and the superficial layer or facade. For the first time in human history, the realm of the devil was taken out of the mystical thinking of armored humans and placed on a natural scientific foundation: The realm of the devil, human evil, comprises and originates from the destructive, secondary (middle) layer of armored people.Their social expression from this layer is the emotional plague of mankind.

Since communism has a negative connotation in the minds of many people, Leftist political ideologues must come up with endless new ways to distance themselves from the old fashion term, communism. Their ideology must take on new facades to conform to and be indistinguishable from the thinking of others in their current environment. This adaptive process is how the Left becomes the New Left, the Progressives, the Far left etc. This is a tactic of pretending that comes easy to them because they are adept at operating from their facade. However, they only seem to be honestly operating from their superficial layer and appear no different from other loyal Americans but, in reality, they are operating from their destructive secondary layer expressing their divisive political ideologies in devilish fashion. In kaleidoscopic fashion, they appear in the form of multiple images as benign contenders of the Democratic Party running to be the next President of the United States. In fact, they are the expression of the emotional plague of mankind operating from their destructive secondary layer. They must be recognized and exposed by the public as the devil incarnate.


  1. Superbly and simply put, Dr. Konia!

  2. Vs.

    Contact vs. contactlessness. Life vs. death. Love vs. hate. Reason vs. cultish dullness. The straight-forward simple pro-American core vs. the writhing anti-American death cult with its false façade of the secondary layer. And the double standard! People cannot stand the presence of the Life Energy and have to stop it. This is also the reason why they DESPERATELY want to stop Trump. They are like vampires protesting the Sun! And eerie enough they also behave like demons of the night, fleeing any kind of exposition and light (reason). Their faces are full of hate and their body posture signals lack of vitality. It’s so blatantly obvious – that nobody sees what is going on.

    These two videos remind me of Reich’s book MURDER OF CHRIST and what happened at the Temple and in the Palace of Pilatus. Again: it’s all before our very eyes what is going on but nobody sees it!

    • Thank you, Peter.

    • Thanks, Peter.

  3. When your book?

    • BTW: See Reich’s chapter „The Realm of the Devil“ in the 2019 reprint of the unaltered ETHER, GOD AND DEVIL. High quality facsimile of the 1949 edition, originally published in the Annals of the Orgone Institute, Number 2, 1949. Martino Fine Books, CT.

  4. above is a link to a couple of well researched books that shed a good historical light on the rise of the emotional plague in the form of red fascism (anti-authoriatarianism) in the U.S.
    It is almost impossible to understand how we arrived at this point in time from a conventional point of view without the work of this author and her ability to dig deeper and connect the dots where most others have either consciously or unconsciously refused to.

    • Thank you.
      Dr. Konia

  5. My Facebook page, Van Helsing Library, is full of quotes which are related to this subject. I invite anyone here to follow the page. May I also ask permission to use the passage above for a post there? I will include your link as well.

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