The Great American Giveaway

With the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States, the American Communist Party is in a position of becoming in control of the Nation. Every core human quality of the past that Americans have stood for – loyalty, gratitude and respect for America – has been turned on its head into its opposite, destructive ideological forces that are being used against it. This is an old tactic perfected by the past communist ideologue, Saul Alinsky. Today, it is able to bring about America’s demise because of the persistent effort of infiltrated communist activists, far left members elected to Congress and those in control of the current Democratic Party.

To recognize why this tragic event is happening requires knowledge of the layering of the armored human bio-psychic apparatus; the biological core, the destructive secondary layer (the repository of the emotional plague) and the social surface. The emotional plague’s destructiveness to the American nation has been patiently organized over decades and is being orchestrated by communist leaders who, together with the help of well meaning but naive true liberals, profess to be loyal Americans. The communist’s ultimate goal is to eliminate, give away, all the freedoms that Americans have fought for and enjoyed in the spontaneous, core, expressions of their lives. The emotional plague is being spread through society by mass media, big tech and global corporations as well as far left individuals. The plague’s current strategic target is America itself and then it will spread globally to bring the social order as we know it to a standstill. The current order will be replaced and under the control of leftist ideologues with the ultimate goal of establishing a “Brave New ‘International’ World”.

At the same time, an increasing number of people in America and the rest of the free world are losing contact with their good fortune to be living in a free world. They have more personal wealth and freedom than they know what to do with. Because of their cluelessness, the freedom that they have can be easily taken away from them by the emotional plague characters hungry for power. This fate is in store for the clueless American public unless they wake up and see the tragedy that is about to happen right in front of its eyes.

A Post-mortem of the 2020 Election

Trump’s brusque manner in his personal relationships and his contentious, populist style in public and with the media were some of the factors that led to his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. From a functional perspective, what he needed to do was to form a relationship of attractive opposition with the electorate but, instead, he formed a relationship of antagonistic opposition with many of them.

Moreover, his behavior detracted from his numerous accomplishments as President. During his tenure, America became energy independent for the first time in history; he pulled American troops out of a seemingly endless conflict in Afghanistan; he pushed for building a wall at America’s southern border; he settled an endless conflict in the Middle East by establishing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, something which no past president was able to achieve.

Many who were against him saw his theatrics and other surface antics as un-presidential. He was presented by the media as “too untrustworthy and too emotional,” i.e. unstable, and not fit for the presidency. By contrast, Biden was pictured on the political stage in the exact opposite manner, with a seemingly smooth, cool, competent facade. In the debates, he responded to Trump’s contentiousness by appearing unruffled and in control of himself, traits that scored him points in the publics mind. More importantly, Biden was expertly packaged. during the political campaign. He never revealed his political hand to the public, and only appeared in carefully orchestrated interviews, speaking mainly in platitudes.

Contact between people happens on the social surface. What mattered to the public about Trump and Biden were what people saw of the candidates on the social surface, their facade, not about the dynamic that was being played out in the social depths within and between these two socio-political character types. The public’s exclusive focus on the surface was also a symptom of their profound state of cluelessness about the two candidates highly different underlying socio-political character structures which was the key to how they would function in the Oval Office.

If Trump had decorum and behaved with dignity instead of playing endlessly to his loyal base he would have earned more credit with the public as a whole. His opponents were seasoned provocateurs and he let himself be constantly provoked. This gave him the image of a populist figure and a street fighter in the minds of the public, not a politician with integrity and a clear strategy for America. By allowing himself to fall into this image, he became his own worst political enemy.

The Realm of the Devil

One of Wilhelm Reich’s contributions to psychiatry was to delineate the three layers of the armored human’s bio-psychiatric apparatus, the biological core, the destructive secondary layer and the superficial layer or facade. For the first time in human history, the realm of the devil was taken out of the mystical thinking of armored humans and placed on a natural scientific foundation: The realm of the devil, human evil, comprises and originates from the destructive, secondary (middle) layer of armored people.Their social expression from this layer is the emotional plague of mankind.

Since communism has a negative connotation in the minds of many people, Leftist political ideologues must come up with endless new ways to distance themselves from the old fashion term, communism. Their ideology must take on new facades to conform to and be indistinguishable from the thinking of others in their current environment. This adaptive process is how the Left becomes the New Left, the Progressives, the Far left etc. This is a tactic of pretending that comes easy to them because they are adept at operating from their facade. However, they only seem to be honestly operating from their superficial layer and appear no different from other loyal Americans but, in reality, they are operating from their destructive secondary layer expressing their divisive political ideologies in devilish fashion. In kaleidoscopic fashion, they appear in the form of multiple images as benign contenders of the Democratic Party running to be the next President of the United States. In fact, they are the expression of the emotional plague of mankind operating from their destructive secondary layer. They must be recognized and exposed by the public as the devil incarnate.

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