The Great American Giveaway

With the election of Joe Biden as President of the United States, the American Communist Party is in a position of becoming in control of the Nation. Every core human quality of the past that Americans have stood for – loyalty, gratitude and respect for America – has been turned on its head into its opposite, destructive ideological forces that are being used against it. This is an old tactic perfected by the past communist ideologue, Saul Alinsky. Today, it is able to bring about America’s demise because of the persistent effort of infiltrated communist activists, far left members elected to Congress and those in control of the current Democratic Party.

To recognize why this tragic event is happening requires knowledge of the layering of the armored human bio-psychic apparatus; the biological core, the destructive secondary layer (the repository of the emotional plague) and the social surface. The emotional plague’s destructiveness to the American nation has been patiently organized over decades and is being orchestrated by communist leaders who, together with the help of well meaning but naive true liberals, profess to be loyal Americans. The communist’s ultimate goal is to eliminate, give away, all the freedoms that Americans have fought for and enjoyed in the spontaneous, core, expressions of their lives. The emotional plague is being spread through society by mass media, big tech and global corporations as well as far left individuals. The plague’s current strategic target is America itself and then it will spread globally to bring the social order as we know it to a standstill. The current order will be replaced and under the control of leftist ideologues with the ultimate goal of establishing a “Brave New ‘International’ World”.

At the same time, an increasing number of people in America and the rest of the free world are losing contact with their good fortune to be living in a free world. They have more personal wealth and freedom than they know what to do with. Because of their cluelessness, the freedom that they have can be easily taken away from them by the emotional plague characters hungry for power. This fate is in store for the clueless American public unless they wake up and see the tragedy that is about to happen right in front of its eyes.



  2. This says it all:

  3. “…the past communist ideologue, Saul Alinsky. … The emotional plague is being spread through society by mass media, big tech and global corporations as well as far left individuals….” Let’s not forget that Alinsky learnt from the Mob (the Chicago Outfit with its close ties to the Unions), an early grotesque version of the degenerate pseudo-capitalism of today’s anti-authoritarian era.

  4. At this stage of the “game”, the EP has sufficient influence to do enormous irreversible damage to the country and Constitution.

    The rational choices that remain today are:
    1) to observe and accurately report on what is happening (this is being done by thousands of honest and brave people) and prepare oneself as best as one can for the demise
    2) for President Trump to seriously consider taking the bold and risky action of declaring the Insurrection Act in the swing states where obvious and provable fraud and unconstitutional actions took place. This would most probably lead to the incrimination of politicians and foreign states that participated in the fraud of this election.

    The latter may not work out as well in practice as it should in theory but if the EP, in the form of complete lawlessness (i.e. anti-authoritarianism) is allowed to continue on its merry way, bold and risky action may be the only rational action that should be strongly considered and taken.

    A recommendation I have for functional thinkers is to consider using anti-authoritarianism and not communism, socialism, progressivism, etc. to describe what is going on. Dr. Konia’s labeling of the transformation in American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian is one of the landmark discoveries that flowed from functional thinking.
    Anti-authoritarianism best describes what we are witnessing. The term “communism” is not taken seriously by most in the western world and usually brings a nervous chuckle or complete dismissal. Anti-authoritarianism, once understood, can help keep the general population in touch with the relationship between health (i.e. the capacity to express freedom and responsibility) in the individual and the effects of the prime governing social agreements on the individual and the society at large.

    Political correctness is the prime governing social agreement today. It guides and supports an antiauthoritarian society. It is destructive to healthy life in the individual and to society at large. It can not be laughed off or ignored like “communism” is today.
    Anti-authoritarianism takes the “politics” out of the equation and places the focus in the appropriate place (i.e. the bio-emotional health of the individual and socio-political characterology).

    • Well said, Steven.

      • thank you

    • Steven, you left out the most important possibility–for the millions of patriots who are upset, frightened and confused, to form a non-political party that would challenge the Deep State. Unless the many isolated citizens unite into an organized movement and declare that they are unwilling to live in a chaotic, lawless anti-authoritarian society, and follow its “laws”–no matter what they are–the Deep State looks unstoppable. This is known as the 1st Amendment/Freedom to Assemble, and as defined by ML King and M Gandhi, as “civil disobedience”. The Left has been using the “negative” of this the last decades with destructive success, and it is time for the patriots to give up the illusion that lawmakers in a tainted society will come to the rescue; the social structure is so perverted that truth is irrelevant (SCOTUS). If this idea ever takes hold of people’s consciousness, a new leader will likely be needed to direct the masses, as they cannot self-organize at this time. But the very fact that this idea is nowhere to be found in any conservative’s lexicon shows the profound damage, via guilt that swallowing the PC lies have had on people’s psyche. The only exceptions to this are Alex Jones and the Proud Boys, who are putting their safety on the line; people will have to be committed and risk all, as in any war, to win the battle. But this does not mean one has to be an easy target for the Left, one also has to have security, as it is guaranteed the Left will try to disrupt any lawful gatherings that can expose their evil plots.

      Regarding, Trumps Insurrection Act, yes that would be a workable possibility only if he had the law-enforcement agencies on his side as violence would ensue. This is how the following agencies stand as of the present: Local police-dereliction of duty, allowing criminals freedom while arresting defenders of liberty; FBI-corrupt to the core from top to bottom; Military-hard to say but one can sense treason in the ranks. Except for some brave sheriffs and National Guard, the people are on their own.

      • Ed
        I agree with your take and like that option. Alan West would be the only person I could think of who could lead that charge.

      • Alex Jones and groups like the Proud Boys would never get the backing of the numbers needed to perform the courageous acts necessary.

      • I believe that the slow, patient application of the knowledge contained in social orgonomy is the only possible solution. This will take time.

  5. Trump was America’s last chance to fight off the red dragon:

    Each time China takes aggressive action (red dragon) China projects a panda face through silence and non-response to opinion of that action;…. and the action continues. The red dragon has a tendency to say one necessary thing publicly, while manipulating another necessary thing privately. The Art of War.

    President Trump is the first U.S. President to understand how the red dragon hides behind the panda mask.

    View at

  6. I agree with you, Dr. Konia. Judy

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