The Power of Communist Ideology

There must be something powerful in communism in the structure of armored humans that keeps the ideology alive. It appeared in the election of the pseudo-liberal/communists Biden and Harris in the 2020 presidential election.

This something must first be recognized before the social disease of armored humans, communism, can finally be put to rest. The power of the disease, communism, is contained in people’s deep emotional longing for a better life. Communism is nothing but a secular version of the religious longing for happiness in the afterlife. The power of this mystical longing is the reason that the political ideology of communism cannot be eliminated until the masses first come into contact in their depths with its underlying emotional source.


  1. I keep thinking that your posts, especially one such as this, need to be seen by a wider audience. Perhaps there are sites where your articles could be posted. One such might be Free, a conservative group which monitors its members before allowing posts and reprints of articles to be seen. Right now people need to understand the roots of the destructive forces taking over their lives. Many know that communism is here, but few know this clear concise explanation of why it persists despite its failures.

    • Dear Sue,

      If you want to send my blogs to be seen by a wider audience please feel free to do so.

      Best regards,

      Dr. Konia

  2. Dr. Konia

    Of all the great writings on the subject of the emotional plague starting with Reich (Baker, Crist, Harman etc) and more recently your books and articles, this posting is the most concise and accurate explanation of the problems we face today in a practical and real sense.
    I am not sure anyone else could have stated it more precisely in 3 short paragraphs.
    Greatly appreciated!

    Many important questions arise from this posting starting with the following one:
    How can this be accomplished? (i.e. The “something” must first be identified and addressed before this social disease of armored humans can finally be put to rest)
    I know that in this forum the question can only be answered in a brief and somewhat theoretical manner. Your books provide more details and a great starting point.

    My interest is more focused on how to proceed in neutralizing the current expression of the EP in the lives of Americans so that there can be some hope in the future for the preservation of the American constitution and its representation as a life positive force in the greater social realm.

    The leaders and supporters of anti-authoritarianism (i.e. the current expression of communism in America) have a good game plan and have executed it well.
    Those involved in the fight against anti-authoritarianism include most of the supporters of Trump, the majority of those following the Judeo-Christian principles, true liberals and the few functional thinkers that exist. The groups listed above may be overlapping for many and may leave out some.
    Unfortunately for the time being there is not a common strategy or game plan for those who oppose anti-authoritarianism.

    As is easy to see with the current mess (I.e. mass media fraud, mass election fraud and the lack of any real means to correct the fraud to date), depending on the plague infested system to weed out the corruption is not a winning strategy.

    At this point I am pretty sure that an effective game plan can only be developed by functional thinkers who can develop a means of communication that can reach a significant amount of influential people and a decent portion of the masses.

    • Functional thinking by a sufficient number of people is the answer.

  3. This is wonderful, Dr. Konia, and so clearly stated. Judy

  4. […] του ψυχιάτρου Τσαρλς Κόνια […]

    • I don’t understand Greek.

      • This is a translation of your post into the Greek language.

      • Thank you.

  5. Clear, concise and on target! Thank you Dr. Konia. It’s amazing how functional thinking arrives at what’s essential and clears away the confusion and distortions advanced by the emotional plague.

    • You’re welcome.

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