Another example of the Left’s Ideological War on America

The emotional plague’s ideological war from the political left on the American way of life is being conducted on many fronts. One of them is from (pseudo-liberal/communist) historians systematically rewriting America’s history in articles and books for people of all ages. This tactic functions to destroy American’s emotional contact with their nation’s past. Happening unnoticed in front of everyone’s eyes, and protected as a First Amendment right to freedom of speech, it puts people in a state of confusion about themselves and their emotional relationship to America. It undermines their loyalty to America and places them at the mercy of leftist ideologues to be manipulated and turned into mindless robots to follow the plans that they have for the future of America.

Americans remains defenseless in the face of this emotional plague attack on their nation because knowledge of human functioning originating from the biological core and the destructive secondary layer is not currently distinguished. Rewriting America’s history is a destructive secondary layer activity designed to question and undermine knowledge of America’s historical past and people’s contact with themselves as Americans. In the past authoritarian era, people had a sense of the distinction between human functions from the biological core and the secondary layer. In today’s anti-authoritarian society human functioning from the core has been almost completely lost in favor of activity from the destructive secondary layer in every area of life. People are left feeling more clueless and alienated than ever.


  1. Also by erasing our heroic past or demeaning it they want to take away our manhood/womanhood and turn us into slaves! See here (scroll down for the English original):

  2. Bullseye!

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