What the 2020 Presidential Election Has Taught Us

The 2020 presidential election has shown that the emotional plague of mankind cannot be dealt with politically. It cannot be won in the voting booths at election time. The plague must be recognized and treated as a highly infectious disease in the everyday lives of emotionally sick human beings. It is treated by the medical epidemiologist who has the necessary knowledge and experience. Finally, since politicians have no awareness of this human affliction they must step aside and not add to its destructiveness by exacerbating its manifestations through political activity.

The emotional plague infected political individual is adept at invading the mainstream by turning social matters into political problems. This is the essence of the emotional plague in socio-politics. Plague characters falsely claim that they are the ones who have the solutions to human problems by peddling the same, failed nostrums in their political ideology.

The existence of the bio-social disease, emotional plague, must first enter into public awareness as a malignant social disease before it can be effectively treated and contained. Today, people are generally clueless about the plague’s existence. This is the central problem that the social orgonomist is faced with.

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