Functional Thinking is Necessary to Understand Social Events

The application of knowledge contained in social orgonomy is vitally important to understand and reverse the social decline that is currently happening in today’s anti-authoritarian world. This includes, among other things, a functional understanding of people’s living from the three layers of their bio-psychic apparatus, the biological core, the destructive secondary or middle layer – the realm of the devil – and the superficial layer or facade. For example, applying this knowledge to social processes makes it possible to evaluate the degree of harm that any politician can do in public office.

Neither the left nor the right have answers to social problems. However, because the political mainstream in America is continually shifting to the political left in our anti-authoritarian social order, leftist politicians are increasingly doing damage to our nation more than ever before. The ideology of today’s left is a secular version of mystical religions of the past. Happiness and freedom will be given by them to the masses of people in the here and now, not in the afterlife as was promised before. The danger is that an increasing number of people today are mystically looking to politician’s for answers. They see nothing of what is hidden underneath, in the deeper destructive, middle layers of the leftist politician’s hunger for power and the helplessness of the masses of people who seek political salvation from them. Their mystical way of looking at people is a dangerous symptom of their ocular armor and it has destructive social consequences.

On the other hand, leftist politicians operating from their destructive secondary layer have perfected the art of politically manipulating the public. All they have to do to be elected is to pretend to be who they seem to be on the social surface and maintain this political persona. Seasoned politicians display confidence that their facade, the face that they present to the public, serves them well politically. Their role of playing a savior is who the clueless public wants them to be. All that is required is a friendly smiling face and a few empty, reassuring words. Think of the larger than human images of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao of the past generations. For their part, most of today’s public could care less about who and what their politicians really stand for. The fact that their leaders are political hacks that have accomplished nothing of importance in their careers as politicians means nothing to them.

The destructive effect of the anti-authoritarian transformation of our society is being recognized by many people on both sides of the political spectrum and they are losing confidence in the way our system of government is working. They have no knowledge of what went wrong or how to improve the situation and they are helplessly stuck in their old ways of mechanistic/mystical thinking. Clearly, another way of thinking that corresponds to the way that things work – functional thinking – is required.


  1. The Murder Of Christ as well as your two books should be required reading in all college social science courses. Maybe one day?
    Thank you for all that you do Dr Konia.
    Happiest of holidays to you and family.

    • Thank you, Elliot and the same to you and your family.

  2. America is, again, at war with the organized emotional plague – and this time the plague is about to win:

    • Thank you, Peter, for this excellent doc. And the best to everyone, for the new year

  3. Dr Konia – I haven’t posted anything here before but have been following closely for quite some time. Just wanted to say thank you, and to all that participate in the conversation, and look forward to your next post!

  4. “The fact that their leaders are political hacks that have accomplished nothing of importance in their careers as politicians means nothing to them.”

    Possibly that is why there is so much hatred for Trump among the left because he is a hard-working entrepreneur.

    • They also hate Trump because he does not have the facade of a smiling, all-giving politician.

  5. Lots to think about as 2020 ends and 2021 begins. Happy New Year to everyone who reads Dr. Konia’s blog. Judy

    • Happy New Year, Judy
      Dr. Konia

      • Also to you, Dr. Konia.


  6. A very bleak forecast for 2025. Everyone by himself can see how serious one can take The USA will loose 70% of its population and 92% of its real gross domestic product! Again, look yourself how serious you can take

  7. “Their role of playing a savior is who the clueless public wants them to be. ”

    And to write deeply hypocritical books like “A Promised Land”.
    This land consists later of labor camps, absolute press control and repulsive leadership cult.

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