The Political Agenda of the Far Left

Because all people are armored, the components of society as a whole had to armor in order for it to function. Some examples of these necessary forms of armored social organizations are the police, the military and the various governmental agencies that “regulate” the nation and its economy.

The function of the radical left is to destroy America. Its mode of operation can be understood in its agenda for America, to attack and destroy these necessary forms of social armor. Another method of attack by them is to encourage people to engage in civil disobedience against America and to foment chaos whenever possible. Rationalized as political justice, its goal is to eliminate civility and increase social anxiety. These tactics are designed to mobilize, and bring to the social surface, destructive impulses contained in the American people’s secondary layer. The effect is to destroy the existing American society and its government, take control of it and replace it with another form of social organization that controls the life of its people. Their political agenda is unopposed because of the still unrecognized operation of the emotional plague.


  1. If there is chinese intervention in the US election and it is revealed, this would be a significant backlash for the left. Eventually the US could be reunited. Happy New Year.

  2. It’s all so simple and OBVIOUS what you write. Reading it I am time and again shocked about myself not to have seen before what you describe. It is so darned difficult to just open one’s eyes and see, really SEE! We all live in a thick fog.

    The following might seem inappropriate but what awaits us, Communism, IS terror, horror, blood:

  3. Why do you speack of the Emotional Plague only in America? Emotional Plague exist in Europe, China, Africa.

  4. We should applaud Dr. Konia focussing on the emotional plague in America!

    Reich said something very important and „scandalous“ in the 1945 preface of the American edition of MASSPSYCHOLOGY:

    In its pure form, fascism is the sum total of all irrational reactions of the average human character. To the narrow-minded sociologist who lacks the courage to recognize the enormous role played by the irrational in human history, the fascist race theory appears as nothing but an imperialistic interest or even a mere “prejudice.” The violence and the ubiquity of these “race prejudices” show their origin from the irrational part of the human character. The race theory is not a creation of fascism. No: fascism is a creation of race hatred and its politically organized expression. Correspondingly, there is a German, Italian, Spanish, Anglo-Saxon, Jewish and Arabian fascism. The race ideology is a true biopathic character symptom of the orgastically impotent individual.

    This was sheer dynamite at that time where everybody in America felt so good and righteous believing only the Germans were evil – a racist, fascist theory. At that very time of triumph Reich dared to point to the Anglo-Saxons and Jews. It was his “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;
    and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye” moment!

    It was similar back in Germany, 1933, when Reich’s book became such a scandal that the Communists, full of deadly hatred, were after him for the rest of his life:

    At the time when this book was originally written, fascism was generally regarded a “political party” which, like any other “social group,” was an organized representation of a “political idea.” According to this concept, the fascist party “introduced” fascism by force or by “political manoeuvre.” Contrary to this concept, my medical experience with individuals (…) showed me that “fascism” is (…) the basic emotional attitude of man in authoritarian society, with its machine civilization and its mechanistic-mystical view of life.

    • Thank you, Peter. Today, fascism in America is being expressed, misunderstood and accepted by the public simply as ” just another political party”, the far left, American Democratic Party.

      Happy New Year!

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