On the Leftist Ideologues’ Rewriting America’s History

On an individual level, growing up in an armored, family environment will render the child in various degrees out of touch – clueless – with himself and with his historical past. In psychiatry, this process is called repression.

On a social level, leftist ideologues’ rewriting America’s history by distorting it according to their pre-existing views about the ways things should be in our society, amounts to repression on a mass scale. It is intended to wipe out people’s contact with themselves and with the memory of their nation’s historical past. Systematically tearing down historical statues by leftist ideologues is another example of social repression.

These are some of the destructive manifestations of the emotional plague from the political left. They are being permitted and supported in today’s anti-authoritarian society by many people who have the authority for maintaining law and order but do not have the ability to exercise it by exposing the plague. The effect on the mindless public is that they are becoming even more out of touch with themselves and with their sense of loyalty and patriotism to America. It places Americans at the mercy of far left ideologues who will use the power generated by the vacuum that is created by the absence of authority to manipulate people’s lives and promise them a bright, better, new, communist future for America. This will be provided by the Democratic Party (aka CPUSA), members who were duly elected to political power by the clueless American people themselves.

In summary: The emotional plague operates to destroy America by destroying American people’s contact with themselves. This is how the plague takes the current anti-authoritarian transformation of American society to its next level, into a communist state. The tragedy is that the clueless American public is becoming even more clueless by the emotional plague’s activity from the political left and it is happening in front of their own eyes.


  1. Spot on! Perfectly clear. Dr. Konia, reading your posts always makes me feel good.

    Thank you.


    • You’re welcome, Judy.

  2. Could it be that the illegal mass immigration, that the Dems want to legalize, is also a measure to destroy contact with the nation and its history?

    • The left will find any way to destroy America.

      • Precisely.

      • I think the term “clueless” as used should be reformulated as it does not apply correctly to the whole country. It should be constrained and at the same time expanded, assigning more specific details to the two main ideologies in question, the pseudo-liberals and conservatives.

        For arguments sake, let us divide the USA 50-50% into the two parties mentioned (which is factually close). For the pseudo-liberals there are two subgroups: 1) the powerful policy shapers and their committed supporters such as BLM groups, and individuals who personally behave prejudicially towards natural life in a punishing way (by act or speech.) These are emotional plague individuals who are not “clueless”, but enjoy destruction and there would be no use trying to rehabilitate them with education. 2) The other subgroup is the environmental liberal, who is well meaning but is brainwashed (ocular armor, the “useful idiot” by Marx.) For these, I think “clueless” is completely apt.

        For the conservatives, I do not think they are educationally clueless at all, as the majority feel “evil encroaching” and although they do not know the emotional plague proper, they are aware of a deviant destructive force in their midst; this awareness was matched by the 80 million votes for Trump, whom they felt was the last refuge from this crisis. Many conservatives are also religious and believe in God, with the corollary of the “devil” and it EP implications. In my opinion, they “get it”, but where the term “clueless” would be fitting is in their helplessness in combating this evil, as even their own more-or-less good leaders are also immobilized.

      • To the extent people do not think functionally, they are clueless. This includes almost everyone.

  3. I fear we are in for very dark days. Reich recognized this well. We are witnessing our very own Mass Psychology of Fascism.

  4. It certainly feels that way, Eric.

  5. With both houses of congress now in democrat hands, it appears the communist(organized emotional plague) takeover of our government is now complete. The lack of awareness of this by the American people is astonishing. Dark times ahead for the country.

    • The biggest mistake was not to focus on Hollywood, the Media, and Silicon Valley – and to do something about it. It’s the constant Communist indoctrination not only of the American people but of the whole world by a small group of Communists and Globalists. It is worthwhile to look back at what Reich wrote in the 1950s about “Moskau” and “Rockefeller.”

      • A valid point Peter, but I think that would have been a huge overreach as it is so covertly embedded in the culture, plus these “freedoms” (!!) are protected by the 1st Amendment. During the 1950’s when America was authoritarian, this was taken more seriously (i.e. McCarthy Hearings). If America would be united, this plan would have rooted out the communist/plague ideology.

        In my opinion, restraint and appropriate punishment to lawbreakers in politics and street thugs who targeted race and/or Trump supporters would have possibly held in check the open lawlessness that we witness now. All through these four years, the average conservative has been clamoring to indict Clinton, Comey, etc. but the Justice Department was willfully protecting them.

        The same applies to open supporters of patriotism being harassed and bloodied at any time. Compared to Peter’s suggestion, this would have been clear and unambiguous, where false arguments such as the “right to free speech” would have fallen flat.

  6. I agree Ed. The lack of will by “conservatives” to go after the Clintons, Comeys, and Bidens of the world was for sure a fatal flaw of Trump’s presidency. As well as, I might add, was the lack of will to arrest/suppress the rampaging Antifa thugs. Until the entrenched, crooked bureaucrats (HIGS) are prosecuted and fully held accountable, nothing will change,and the inexorable march toward a Red fascist totalitarian government will continue unabated.

    • HIGs – here a pefect desciption of the Hoodlums in Government by one of the biggest Mafia hoodlums ever, the biggest Mafia earner ever. And it is beyond party politics:

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