Politics Can Never Be the Answer to Social Problems

The destructiveness that occurred in our Nation’s Capital on January 6, 2021 has shown conclusively that social problems can never be addressed through political means. As the result of the still unrecognized transformation of American society from authoritarian to anti-authoritarian, the functional relationship of the components of the two party system has changed from attractive opposition to antagonistic opposition. This means that it is not possible for politicians belonging to the Democratic and the Republican Parties to work together for the well being of America because of the irreconcilable ideologically based, political differences between them. In general, the Democratic Party seems to be pro-American but it is covertly opposed to the principles that America has traditionally stood for while the Republican Party is still basically pro-American.

What probably happened to cause the chaos and mayhem was that an originally peaceful movement of people protesting the 2020 election results became infiltrated by the emotional plague, reactionary groups from the political extreme right and radical groups from the political extreme left. However, the emotional plague attack that occurred on that day is only part of the picture. It is people’s unawareness that keeps them from having a deeper understanding of what happened.

Today, the emotional plague from the political left is actively at work politicizing almost every area of human life. However, all partisan political involvement, not just the censorship by the media that is happening from the left, is essentially people’s defensive function originating from their armor that prevents them from looking inward and seeing that the outwardly directed socio-political ideologies have nothing to do with the bio-emotional origin of their personal problems.

Looking outward to political leaders for help is only one of many ways that armored people seek mystical solutions for their personal, emotionally-based problems. It is functionally identical to people’s seeking salvation from religious saviors.

If social situations could be observed the way they are, that is, functionally and not mystically, it would be possible to separate the rational, legitimate function of politics from people’s irrational expectations from politics and from their politicians.

The problem is not that it it is either the left or the right. It is that it is neither left nor right.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars. It is in ourselves that we are underlings.”


  1. Yes, this is true. People are blind to the forces that rule our lives. But consider:

    Second paragraph: “However, the emotional plague attack that occurred on that day as the result of these forces is only part of…” not “Was the result of these forces.”

    Fourth paragraph: “… one of many ways that armored people seek mystical solutions,..” not “armored people seeking solutions…”

    I hate seeing your functional thinking presented in a way that trips up readers because of grammatical mistakes. Please have someone review your wording before you post.

    Warm regards,
    Mary Lou

    • Thank you, Mary Lou.

    • Mary Lou,

      Dr Konia has written two books and hundreds of scientific peer-reviewed articles.

      Reich once irately retold of how someone pettily criticized his grammar in a paper he had written. He said, “I take you on great new heights over looking mountains with my airplane, but all you can do is complain about the crooked floorboard on the Cessna

      • I second Ed Malek’s comment…this critique of minor grammar mistakes is too common..how important is it really when the writing is obviously understood and intelligent

  2. This was the American Reichstagsbrand! Essentially deep state “orange caps” operatives and Antifa goons duped some “Q” mystic idiots into following them to mar the Trump Presidency forever. But the Communist takeover will collapse:


  3. What do you think of this analysis taken from the last book “Svolta a destra?” of Luigi de Marchi, Armando Curcio Editore, 2008, p. 17?So what had happened with the of the 1970s-1980s?

    The had begun to surface in California (an area considered by many and for a long time to be a kind of advanced political laboratory of the whole West) in the late 1960s.
    While the increasingly fossilized militants of the American Democratic Party continued to fight to extort the latest concessions to the conservatives of the time in terms of welfare and social assistance, molticalifornians of all classes began to wonder where ever the long demagogic orgy had led welfare sponsored by the Democratic Party.
    The had begun to surface in California (an area considered by many and for a long time to be a kind of advanced political laboratory of the whole West) in the late 1960s.
    While the increasingly fossilized militants of the American Democratic Party continued to fight to extort the latest concessions to the conservatives of the time in terms of welfare and welfare, many Californians from all walks of life began to ask where had ever led the long orgy of welfare demagogy sponsored by the Democratic Party.
    Moreover, a commentator of those years had written: 2.
    Reagan himself had moved from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party, a few years earlier, just for tax reasons. Naturally in the name of the noble ideals of the welfare state, in fact, the taxman had demanded to rob him (mid-range actor, certainly not superstar) of more than half of his earnings, through the exhausting rates of the progressive income tax then in force. Reagan had taken the field proclaiming 50 years ago what our rulers, as well as conservative ones, still demonstrate today that they have not understood: that is, that the self-employed, the majority of small entrepreneurs and the many precarious workers, so much pitied in words, are entitled to substantial tax exemptions, just to compensate them of the occasional and precarious nature of their income.

    • “This book teaches that, today, the Right is the Left, and the Left is the Right.” So thirteen years ago a critic defined another work by Luigi De Marchi. With an analysis based on his Liberal Theory of the Class Struggle, the political scientist highlights what Berlusconi himself has acknowledged, declaring that his government is doing “a left-wing policy, decidedly left-wing”. This is a legitimate affirmation, because Berlusconi IV has already launched some social provisions that the Left has often announced even if never realized, and even right when it turns out, as the author does in this book, that the Right is defending the exploited from the exploiters and the Left is instead protecting the privileges of the exploiters and robbing the exploited. There is a way out, but it is necessary to interpret the future by analyzing a present unencumbered by the conceptual categories of the past.

      Reich analysed all this in 1933 in his MASSENPSYCHOLOGIE DES FASCHISMUS. Politics is deception (leftist invoke rightist stuff and vice versa) simply because it reflects the neurotic structure of the masses. People are torn apart in their souls by conflicting drives (drive vs. defense, the whole defense structure) and politics is the outer expression of this inner chaos. Pestilent politicians play with it.

  4. (If I may post this here as I think that most members support Trump in some fashion, and also are aghast at the fascistic silencing.)

    The Left is insane with destructive hate, as they are clearly revealing themselves with their impeachment push. They already have stolen the presidency, destroyed the Supreme Court, which is the de facto upholder of the Constitution, etc., but this is not enough. As any sado-masochist will readily admit, they are insatiable, obsessed and acting out their perversions which reinforces their sickness even more.

    The main reason for the impeachment is more of the 4-year cruel character assassination, but with the ultimate (and always sought) goal of breaking President Trump and destroying his person. How anybody could have survived for 4 years under the assaults, speaks volumes to the strength and integrity of Trump.

    Now, more than ever, he needs our support and a show of force that he is not alone, nor betrayed by all the millions around the world who still think highly of him.
    We need to let him know this as he is going through the most difficult time of his life.

    A few possibilities: Set up a website, twitter etc., where all can join and sign; public gatherings with signs; and mass prayer. Ask your priest or rabbi to hold a prayer for our President and the refusal of fascism to take hold. It would be best if all this were co-coordinated on the same day, and quickly.

    • Ed
      Truly understanding the biosocial disease called the emotional plague is serious business. Reich, Baker, Konia etc have written volumes on this new subject in hopes that others will grasp the seriousness of the disease so that future generations can prevent its spread and avoid the destruction that follows to individuals and societies.

      This is only possible when people have the structural capacity to think rationally and sufficient knowledge to think functionally. I do not see how one can possibly believe that we are at that place today in a society/world that has transitioned from 1000s of years of an authoritarian social order to an anti-authoritarian society in the last several decades.

      We are still at the very early phase of this knowledge being passed on and applied in a rational way. The current manifestation of the EP has been almost a century in the making.

      The idea that the foundation of anti-authoritarian society governed by political correctness can be altered through the election of Donald Trump or politics in general is not something that flows from functional thinking. In January of 2017, I wrote in a comment that Trump was not prepared for what he would be facing and this turned out to be true. Shining the light on and contesting in public a prime governing social agreement (i.e. political correctness) and the social institutions that support it, comes with great risks and those risks have to be taken into consideration. In the not so distant past this behavior was a death sentence. Right now it may not be a death sentence but it can cost you your job and many other personal liberties. As we have seen over the last 4 years (and really the last 50 years) the American Constitution alone is no match for emotional plague.

      At this time almost all of the people who can sense the destructiveness of PC have no idea that the emotional plague exists or what it is. Those who oppose PC have no rational plan to oppose and rescind its status yet. It is a huge task and politicians and Trump supporters will not be able to provide the answers.

      • Steve,

        Your reply rings of truth, but it’s a long-term strategy, and I’ll get back to this in a moment. I am not suggesting a political answer in my post above as it is not, it is a human response to someone that is being crucified. What is happening to Trump is not fit for any person, including a felon. There is no politics here, he needs moral support in this perilous time.

        Now, about your analysis of the emotional plague and the possible solutions, I agree, but add that one cannot remain solely intellectual, as physical interaction with others is also needed. This is where I think our philosophies differ, as valid and well though out short-term solutions are a necessary process to use. Just like in therapy, one works from the superficial layer to the deep, but one always has the depth (genitality) in mind. In case of an emergency in a patient, all means must be used at one’s disposal, including drugs, surgery, institutionalization; this necessitates that genitality is “put on hold” for the time being. Such is the case today, when the totalitarian regime of Biden is ready to begin the full destruction of America.

      • I do understand that we are entering a dangerous time. Sometimes it makes more sense to let things play out when the infection is this far advanced in the greater social realm. The fact that the current manifestation of the plague is highly unstable may provide the opportunity for some improvement socially in the months and years ahead. Time will tell.
        Since we are currently not in a position to quarantine the EP characters and social institutions running the show, self quarantine from the disease as much as is possible provides another way to approach the current crisis.

      • For Ed and Steve and others,

        I find it encouraging to see folks on this
        site actively responding to what is underway. These times are unsettling and frightening. I don’t think there is anyone better to help unravel the mess we confront than Dr. Konia. At the very least, he explains things. For me, he always nails issues right smack on the head. It is not easy for people to do the arduous and very necessary work, if indeed they can see it and take action, and change takes time. Judy

      • Ed
        I wanted to respond to your statement that one cannot remain solely intellectual, as physical interaction with others is also needed.

        Of course I agree that solely remaining intellectual is not the answer. Over the course of the last 10 years of comments on this blog I have made many suggestions of possible interaction with others and the public at large on the subject of the EP’s rapid advancement in our daily lives. I always include the fact that process would have to include trial and error since there is no clear road map for dealing with the current state of affairs in the mid to short term except for the long term strategy that the ACO is providing in terms of training and education. In the short term this is not sufficient to provide any suitable treatment for what ails the greater social realm and the EP infected social institutions due to conditions on the ground. For example most of the high level thinking conservatives that I read are convinced that all fascism is solely a product of the left. They have no awareness or understanding of socio-political characterology. Without that knowledge the crevice between the right and left grows larger. I do not see a simple short term answer to the bigger issues that you mention.

        You also made reference to the therapeutic process for the individual. Although I know that there are basic functional thinking applications that can be applied successfully to social interactions, I do not believe that there has ever been an application of functional thinking principles in the greater social realm when it comes to a EP outbreak the magnitude of what we have witnessed over the last 50 plus years.

        All this to say I wish you well in any endeavor that you pursue in terms of social action to support Donald Trump and what he accomplished during his 4 years as President.

  5. With much respect to Steven, I agree with Ed. The dark forces of the EP are now in complete control of the US govt. If something isnt done to stop them, they will come after anyone who disagrees with them…even in the slightest. And that ultimately could include those of us on this blog and Orgonomy in general.The ultimate goal of the EP is, after all, to kill all life..& certainly Reich’s work and his supporters would therefore be a prime target. Curious what Dr Konia has to say on this subject?

    • Elliott
      The point of view that Ed and you present in relation to the current outbreak and acceleration of the emotional plague is difficult to respond to appropriately and succulently in this blog format. In addition, with respect to the fact that this is Dr. Konia’s blog a brief response covering all of the aspects that relate to the idea that “something rational can be done” in the short term to slow down or stop the EP downward spiral in the greater social realm (which includes the current election results etc) is something that I will have to think about to see if I can express my thoughts clearly on such a BIG TOPIC here in a summary format.
      As I have expressed in the past it has always been disappointing to me that there is not an existing forum where these topics can be discussed and explored in depth on a consistent basis by functional thinkers. Outside of the ACO and Dr. Konia’s blog I am not aware that such a forum exists. While the ACO has been the leader on this subject matter for decades (i.e. social orgonomy and the EP), their organization has many important other focuses and limited human resources at this time to offer a weekly or biweekly forum on this subject.

  6. Much appreciate your thoughtful response Steve. To be clear, I think your overall point is correct; that the undoing of PC and standing up to the EP is a most complex and daunting task, definitely not one easily tackled by the few people who think functionally. It’s just that I feel- rationally-I hope, that something needs to be done before we lose all-or most-of our liberties. And it appears the vengeful Left is intent on doing exactly that. But yes, a complex subject for sure, but one that needs to be tackled. I myself am not sure how the oncoming storm can be slowed/stopped, so I look forward & welcome your thoughts on the matter. And of course, Dr Konia’s as well, should he be so inclined.

    • A quick response before I give some thought to the bigger points made. You write that ” that something needs to be done before we lose all-or most-of our liberties. And it appears the vengeful Left is intent on doing exactly that.”

      The vengeful left (i.e. the pseudo-liberal, anti-authoritarian emotional plague characters and their supporters) have been at work for a good 50 years. The current mess is the result of their “good plan” and its execution and the lack of functional thinking being properly applied in the greater social realm. There is not sufficient awareness and understanding currently.

      Being aware of the EP and its operation provides the individual with some much needed tools (i.e. protecting your local environment) to manage the social consequences of such a movement. Taking on the bigger issue of the greater social realm need not interfere with the managing of one’s immediate [personal circumstance.

      I can definitely relate to the anxiety that arises from witnessing EP activity of the kind we are experiencing but prematurely acting on those emotions can easily confuse the micro (which can be managed) with the macro which, as stated above, is a much more complex matter.

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