The Hurdle: Recognizing the Existence of the Emotional Plague

There are two reasons why people cannot recognize the emotional plague’s existence and destructiveness:

  1. There are a few exceptional people in the public world, like Mark Levin and Donald Trump, who come close to having an awareness of the plague’s operation. If provided with the bio-psychiatric knowledge about the plague that is currently available, they could possibly “get it”. For them, it is simply a matter of ignorance of the plague’s existence. Levin’s analysis of the emotional plague attack on Michael Flynn by the radical Left on a recent Hannity show (May 14, 2020) is an example.
  2. For most people in the public world, however, it is not possible for them to recognize the plague because of the effects of their armored condition on their ability to see and think clearly. For them, it is a bio-psychiatric problem.


  1. the linked article below is one of the best “rants” to date about the emotional plague induced over reaction to the new virus. The author points out the emotional plague behavior of Dr Fauci (i.e. his spewing of panic inducing useless info). Knowledge of the emotional plague is necessary but a means of communicating a strategy to neutralize emotional plague behavior and character types is more crucial to those who sense it but lack the knowledge at this point in time.

    • Very interesting article. I feel like my head is spinning – that is good.

    • Many thanks!

    • Ahh…but that is the rub Steven. To wit… how to effectively confront the EP? People like, Levin, Trump, Carlson et al for sure have a feel for it, but their rants against the (plague infested) far left seem to ultimately fall on deaf (clueless) ears. Is it known just how to stop the plague even if effectively identified? Im not sure even Reich had an answer to that one.

      • Hi Elliott
        Hope you are handling the lock down and general craziness as well as possible.
        Reich, Dr Konia and the ACO have provided a wealth of knowledge regarding the EP.
        I do believe that the knowledge can possibly be used to fight back vs the EP outbreak that has intensified over the last 12 years since the election of Obama. At a minimum it would take a few if not several high level functional thinkers with thick skin and a warrior like character structure. They would have to attain some significant social status and have developed a flexible strategy to deal with the many aspects of plague behavior and activity. In addition they would have to be willing to fail (allowing for the fact that even a well executed functionally based strategy could reveal that there was not enough health remaining in society to sustain what needed to be done). As long as they had learned from the experience and passed that knowledge on for future generations, it would be worthwhile. And if they were successful to some degree it would be a first great step in securing some much needed recognition for functional thinking and thinkers.
        With individuals and within small groups of people, there have been successes in exposing and negating EP behavior, characters and attacks. The problem is today we are in the middle of a world wide outbreak and the only hope for some semblance of healthy life to exist is if the Americans can find a way to confront it in America so that the basis of healthy life contained in the Constitution can continue to exist and exert its influence on the masses.
        I realize that the human resources necessary for the task I described above are not necessarily available today. In spite of that problem it is important to me to express my thoughts on this subject because I think they have some merit. Even though I realize that the possibility of containing and quarantining the current manifestation of EP characters and their followers is unlikely I choose not to give up hope no matter how long the odds are and it is definitely a very faint hope based on current circumstances.
        Another factor for why I am interested in commenting on and discussing ways to contain the current outbreak is based on the fact that anti-authoritarianism is not a stable form of society. Its basic nature points to its ultimate breakdown and destruction so eventually what remains of healthy life will have to find a way to deal with the aftermath.
        If the ACO is successful in attracting a group of “the next generation” capable of thinking functionally possessing the appropriate character structure then hopefully they can take up the challenge.

      • Thank you, Steven.

      • my pleasure Dr Konia

  2. Hi Dr. Konia,

    I would add Michael Savage to the list of exceptional people aware of the crypto communist form of the emotional plague (who may also have the bio-psychiatric knowledge).

    • Thank you!

    • Im a big fan of Mr Savage too, but I dont see him doing much more than rant against the plague. Ranting is a good start, but sadly, it doesnt appear to do much in the way of stopping it.

  3. It’s a start. “True falsehood always recognizes and trembles with hate and fear before real truth. True falsehood always recognizes real truth, the one that threatens its very existence.” Meir Kahane

  4. Hi Steven, belated but no less heartfelt thanks for your well elucidated response to my post re how to effectively confront the EP. I think you make excellent points , especially that our anti-authoritarian is inherently unstable, which of course is now being played out in spades given the current rioting, looting & building burning occurring nationwide in our cities. The far left,aka EP, uses any excuse it seems to create havoc & chaos within our country. And sadly our govt doesnt seem to have the stomach to confront this ongoing evil. One can only hope that by the time there are enough thick skinned, warrior like functional thinkers as you put it, we will still have a country left to save. And finally…although, angry & frustrated,I strive to remain optimistic despite it all & especially appreciate being able to sound off here on Dr Konia’s blog. I hope you are also holding up well & thanks again for your thoughts Steven!

    • Hi Elliott
      I too appreciate the chance to express my thoughts on the current state of affairs thanks to Dr Konia’s life work and discoveries and his continued efforts by way of this forum for functional thinking.
      Thank you for the kind words and I am managing ok.
      Before the pandemic (plan-demic, dem-panic or whatever silly term there is to describe the current excuse for the further entrenchment of the emotional plague in our society) I had thought that the reaction to the election of President Trump provided the best chance for others to grasp the operation of the emotional plague from a functional (as opposed to conventional) point of view. Never did I think that a better opportunity would come along. How wrong I was. The last 3 months have provided a daily crash course on so many aspects of the EP.
      In mid April, after 4 or 5 weeks of experiencing her normally quite rational brothers’ and sisters’ irrational reaction to covid-19, my wife was preparing a meal and I heard her mutter to herself “this is the emotional plague”. It was like a light came on from a very personal experience for which she could not find another familiar explanation to justify her family’s strange behavior. I did not think Andrea would ever make that statement and even though there was sadness related to her comment it did bring a smile to my face.

      • The good news in all of the chaos is that the plague is coming right up in people’s faces. They are slowly becoming in contact with the plague’s existence.

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