Five Easy Steps For an Emotional Plague Eruption

1. Lock down the economy and stop people from working and attending to their education.

2. Indefinitely quarantine people at home except for trips to get food.

3. When away from home, mandate social distancing.

4. When away from home, mandate wearing a mask.

5. Wait for people’s emotional plague to break through to the social surface.

Idleness is the devils (i.e. the emotional plagues) handmaiden


  1. …and by so doing, make people dependent on government and primed for socialism???

  2. Thank you.

  3. And scare them to death about normal behavior because of a relatively harmless minor illness that only is dangerous to people who are already seriously ill. The campaign to frighten people about this inconsequential virus is the biggest, most successful media campaign in history.

    The most probable end result of all this stupidity will be mandatory vacination, with documentary proof required to travel internationally, and even fly domestically. Anyone demanding the natural right to decide on one’s own medical treatment will lose the right to travel.

    In WW2, Swedish diplomat Raul Wallenberg saved thousands from the Nazis by issuing them false Swedish passports. Today, we may be heading into a situation where doctors who choose to respect human rights over government mandates will issue false “Walenberg” vacination certificates without actually doing the vacination.

  4. By so doing a schizoid state is induced: you are confined to your home, cannot act according to your inner impulses or ideas (i.e., work), you cannot make physical contact and “read faces” (emotional expression), and you wait for some epiphany.

  5. Many of my friends on both sides of the political spectrum, but esp those on the left, are stunned & baffled by the outbreak of destruction the country is experiencing. Typical of the cluelessness of the armored masses. Those of us who understand the meaning of Emotional Plague are not surprised or baffled by this outbreak. The world, it would appear, needs to be exposed to Reich’s work now more than ever. Thank you Dr Konia!

    • You’re welcome!

    • Strange that so many people get so upset about a single murder by the police, but seem not to notice when a new Medical Police State is imposed to rob everyone of their freedom forever. It makes me wonder if the current “uprising” is being intentionally staged as a distraction from the newly imposed tyrany.

  6. The 5 easy steps that you list above can only take place due to the depleted and infected state of the greater social realm. The 5 steps represent what is possible for many to see (i.e. “the trees”). Unfortunately it is the more important “forest” that needs to be understood from a functional point of view. The capacity to view the “forest” and understand its influence on the condition of the “trees” allows the well trained functional observer to make a correct diagnosis and proscribe the appropriate remedial course of action.
    In a previous posting my comment included a list of some of the key factors that have set the conditions for current events so I thought I might copy them below because they represent the all important “forest”.
    From a previous comment
    The first and most important was the transformation of American society as discovered by you and described in detail in your first book (the quasi “sexual” and failed revolution of the 1960’s during which the seeds of anti-authoritarianism took root).
    The second was the failure to put communism on trial (a la the Nuremberg trials after WW2) with the fall of the Soviet Union so that the world could reject once and for all time the emotional plague expression from the far left as had been done with the EP from the far right at Nuremberg.
    The third was the election of a pseudo-liberal communist in 2008 and 2012.

    • You’re right. The first step is to make the diagnosis of the decayed and dying state of the forest as a result of the underlying disease, the emotional plague of sick humans. This is the problem facing today’s orgonomic epidimeologist.

  7. This is beyond sick: “Having sex in your own home with someone from a different household is illegal from today, after the government altered its coronavirus legislation.”

  8. It is not a minor detail that the medical experts (Dr Faucci etc) have not appeared daily in the mainstream media since the protests/riots began to warn Antifa and all the other troublemakers that they are not obeying social distancing.
    Leaders and supporters of anti-authoritarianism support anti-authoritarian (i.e. hatred of rational authority) behavior and are unable to distinguish between primary healthy expression of protest and secondary destructive protest (more commonly known as riot/looting).

  9. Excellent point Steven. Where indeed is Fauci? After all he’s been a media fixture during the recent re-openings with warnings of a “2nd wave” if the country reopens “too fast” & doesnt abide by strict social distancing policy. He was especially dismayed by the throngs that went to the beaches over the Memorial Holiday, warning of dire consequences of such dastardly activities (enjoying the beach & the sun!?) But now with the large crowds of protesters congregating all over our cities, he’s a no show. Dr Fauci is a prime example of Reich’s “little man”. And it so angers me.

    • Elliott I like your reference to Dr. Faucci as “little man”. In his case it is little man squared. Randy Newman’s song comes to mind.
      The leaders, followers and duped ones who consciously or unconsciously support the anti-authoritarian behavior we are witnessing will be the first ones to cry out for the black fascists, whom they rightfully hate, to come in and protect them if the chaos is not reigned in eventually. The chaos I am referring to is not necessarily the ongoing riots but the acceptance and glorification of secondary destructive human expression in daily life.

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