On Recognizing the Emotional Plague

Not recognizing the existence of the emotional plague in daily social life is a tragic handicap for Americans. The underlying dynamics of the current social crisis regarding the widespread destruction and looting occurring in cities throughout the nation is clear. What is not clear is that they are acts of personal revenge on an individual level and acts of terrorism on a social level on the part of a highly organized group of provocateurs. The element of revenge reveals the emotional component of the emotional plague. As a side effect, these actions are designed to provoke an aggressive response from the police who are viewed as the hated father figure that, together with the the American Nation, must be destroyed. If they respond by reacting physically to the provocation, the police will then be viewed by the gullible, anti-authoritarian, left oriented public and the far-left media as the hated “authority figures”. America will be in a no-win situation. You’re damned if you respond and you’re damned if you don’t. The emotional plague will have accomplished its destructive goal once again against this Nation.

An understanding of the three layers of the human biopsychic apparatus, the core, the destructive secondary layer and the social surface, is essential to know what is happening. It is a social problem of the organized emotional plague involving the destructive secondary layer containing the hatred of a large group of emotionally sick people. It cannot simply be addressed rationally from the perspective of a social surface phenomenon as some people currently would like to believe.


  1. Whatever happened to social distancing?

  2. A German commenter made an interesting observation. The slogan of the rioters “I can’t breathe!” is eerily connected with the corona hype and wearing facemasks.

  3. „Anti racism“ is the mystical (fascist) faith of white leftists which harms Blacks more than any conservative alleged “racism”:

  4. From a public safety and public educational perspective and in order to prevent future outbreaks of the EP in the greater social realm recognition of the EP is the minimum prerequisite as you have had to point out time and again in this blog and throughout your articles, books and career.
    We are in the midst of a world wide EP outbreak with its primary focus on the U.S. I am pretty sure history has shown that in order to prevent the significant damage to healthy social life, the EP must be prevented from establishing its tentacles and social agreements (i.e. ideology) in social institutions. I am sad to say that it appears that we have long passed that crucial point of prevention with regards to the current outbreak.
    I don’t think I am being overly pessimistic to state that the momentum is on the side of the EP and I hope that it is a lesson for the future healthy societies that once the EP seeds have taken root in the greater social realm, it is much too late to prevent the destruction to healthy social life.
    A couple of examples of the momentum that I am referring to are the following:
    1) The Minneapolis city council has recently attained a majority in its drive to defund and disband the police department. This is the definition of anti-authoritarianism. Many may have had this absurd and irrational idea in the past but to state it out loud in public and for it to enter the social arena as a possibility indicates that the EP is much further advanced than previously thought.
    This kind of thinking reminds me of Jim Jones and the cult of followers that followed him to Guyana in the 1970’s and committed mass suicide. In many ways we seem to have hundreds if not thousands of cult-like leaders with millions willing to follow into a kind of mass suicide under the guise of political reform.
    2) Not long ago conservatives were outraged that “the left” was ready to “convict” Brent Kavanaugh of the crime of rape and deny him a seat on the Supreme court based on a loose allegation by his accuser. Many conservatives and true liberals in high regard pointed out that in America, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The same tactics were used against President Trump. Less than two years after this attack on Kavanaugh, the American Constitution and American legal system, President Trump, Attorney General Barr and 99.9% of respected conservatives in effect pronounced the police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd guilty. While it is true that there was a video of the police officer restraining Floyd and he subsequently died, much has now been revealed that was not known at the time the video was seen by the public. I remember how Obama prejudged many police operations involving black suspect’s dying while in police custody. It is disheartening to see conservatives who know better jumping on the same band wagon.
    The social pressure to conform (by even those who normally resist knee jerk conformity) is not simply a mere annoyance. It is a petrified armor around people’s minds. (Compliments of A Solzhenitsyn)

    • The underlying mysticism of armored people is no longer being contained by religion. It has now being expressed destructively out of control through politics.

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