The Economy is the Life Blood of the Nation

Baaed on people’s biological work function, the social life of the nation depends on the health of its economy. Shut down (immobilize) the economy and the nation is in a state of biological shock similar to that of an individual organism. If prolonged, both the society and the individual cannot survive. This fate is in store for America if an economic lockdown is imposed as a way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for an indefinite, open-ended period of time. This is the symptomatic solution that today’s mechanistically trained epidimeologists and many politically oriented people on the left, who know nothing about the vital function that the economy has on social life, are recommending.

The effective way to deal with the pandemic is keeping the economy alive and allow the nation’s society to undergo a social contraction as it is being done through the practice of social distancing, through taking social hygiene precautions against infection and keeping medical illness out of the hands of politicians.

The Bio-social Consequences of the Lockdown

The emotional plague in the coronavirus pandemic began with its mindless destruction of people’s biological work function, the lockdown of the economy. The mechanistic, plague epidemiologist views the work function as if it were a kind of machine that can be mindlessly turned on and off like a switch, with to consequences.

In fact, the biological work function is not machine-like. If people’s biological work function is arbitrarily stopped, the biological energy behind it continues to exist and press for discharge even if it has no productive outlet. Having no way to discharge their energy, people out of work are left feeling anxious and “out of it”. Meanwhile, the marketplace, where human work is done, is abandoned, left unprotected and rendered defenseless to the vicissitudes of the emotional plague.

In this situation, the conditions are ripe for the emotional plague, in the form of a seemingly unrelated incident with racial overtones between a working white police officer and a black suspect, to occur triggering havoc and a nationwide chain reaction with riots, destruction to property and human life.

Unfortunately, the only way that most people will understand what happened is through their armored ways of seeing and thinking, that is, through their moral strait jacket. Nothing will have been learned about the plague to prevent future outbreaks.