The Economy is the Life Blood of the Nation

Baaed on people’s biological work function, the social life of the nation depends on the health of its economy. Shut down (immobilize) the economy and the nation is in a state of biological shock similar to that of an individual organism. If prolonged, both the society and the individual cannot survive. This fate is in store for America if an economic lockdown is imposed as a way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for an indefinite, open-ended period of time. This is the symptomatic solution that today’s mechanistically trained epidimeologists and many politically oriented people on the left, who know nothing about the vital function that the economy has on social life, are recommending.

The effective way to deal with the pandemic is keeping the economy alive and allow the nation’s society to undergo a social contraction as it is being done through the practice of social distancing, through taking social hygiene precautions against infection and keeping medical illness out of the hands of politicians.


  1. Incredibly on target!

  2. I would like to add a few points to the second paragraph.

    At the beginning of the pandemic Dr. Crist pointed out that the term “social distancing” was inaccurate and that the term physical distancing was the correct one to describe what was being prescribed. The last 8 months have shown that this distinction may not have been simply an innocent error but more likely a “Freudian slip”.

    The reaction to Covid-19 on most fronts has proven to be the “road to Damascus” moment for our anti-authoritarian society. Trump’s election shined the light on political correctness and the light revealed the degree to which most social institutions had been infected by the Emotional Plague. The result was mass social anxiety and the exposing of EP characters and its ardent supporters. The social exposure exacerbated the degeneration process that is inherent in an anti-authoritarian society. Either by chance or through manipulation the EP found its stabilizing force in the form of a world wide secular religion (i.e. Covidism).

    Off the cuff back in April, I commented that there appeared to be a new Ten Commandments that was taking form. Below is the list and for the most part it seems to have taken hold (much to the delight of those who support anti-authoritarianism).
    1 Retreat to your place of residence (minimum security prison with benefits)
    2 Refrain from physical proximity to every other person (no social gatherings)
    3 View every other person as a threat to your health and survival
    4 Don’t worry about income derived from your biological work function, the government will take care of your financial needs
    5 Stay calm while we do everything we can to raise your level of anxiety
    6 Every life matters but death from the corona virus matters much more, maybe 100 times more (statistically) than other causes of death
    7 If you do exactly as we say, we can save many of you from imminent disaster
    8 This is the new normal, get used to it
    9 “We are all in this together” even though you get no say in the matter
    10 “Trust us” we are the experts (despite our terrible track record in mathematical projection models, insufficient use of appropriate data, lack of preparedness and propensity for corruption)

    • Thank you for identifying the new Ten Commandments in our PC world.

  3. my pleasure Dr. Konia

  4. What Drs. Reich, Baker, and Konia wrote about Communism and how it undermines the United States has been proven true again, and again, and again. People, wake up! It is the responsibility of each of us to make this knowledge more known!

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