On Recognizing the Emotional Plague’s Strategy

A functional understanding of the dynamics of emotional plague character’s social behavior is necessary before effectively dealing with it. In an earlier blog (9/25), fomenting mindless social change was shown to be the emotional plague’s weapon of choice. Although generally true, this does not provide an understanding of the specific methods that the plague has at its disposal. To understand and deal with them, knowledge of the psychopathology of groups is necessary.

A strategy of the plague is to set up an antagonistic, sadomasochistic relationship between different groups of people and exploit it. To generate social tension and conflict between blacks and whites, for example, leftist radicals function as provocateurs by politicizing feelings of victimization and resentment and fomenting hatred of whites by blacks. This predictably leads to destructive social action on the part of some blacks through rioting, looting, and a temporary reaction of force on the part of the police that accomplishes nothing in the long run.

The leftist provocateurs actions must first be identified and exposed as criminal acts of the emotional plague before these flames of racial discord can be permanently put out. But before this can happen, people have to begin thinking in a different way, functional thinking, that corresponds to the way things function.


  1. In addition an anecdote from Germany. There is a black restaurant owner who calls his restaurant ‘Zum Mohrenkopf’ (To the negro head). The ‘Mohr’ is an old German word for Negro or black and a negro head on the restaurant sign was once considered a symbol of best cuisine. Now the leftists wanted to dictate him to change the name of his restaurant. His answer was: ‘As a black person, I don’t want to be told when my feelings are hurt. It’s also a form of racism.’

  2. To what extent does the ability to think functionally depend on the armor? Can heavily armored people even think functionally?

    • These are questions we want to answer in the course that the college is giving on Social Orgonomy.

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