Biden was the Wrong American to be Elected President

Biden was the wrong candidate elected to be President of the United States because:

  1. His victory represented the political far-left’s expression of the hated authoritarian-appearing father figure, Donald Trump, the rival that stood in the way of their political goal of controlling America.
  2. There is no longer a two party political system in America that existed in the past where both parties were strongly pro-American. Today, one party supports American interests nationally and internationally while the other party is opposed to and wants to destroy them.
  3. Biden is a spineless political hack on the far-left of the political spectrum incapable of governing. People who voted for him are clueless about the enormous destructive consequences resulting from his socio-political ideology as President.
  4. Biden is under the influence of and apologizes for the behavior of his communist cohorts in the Democratic Party including the new Vice President herself all of whom are emotional plague characters. They will be controlling the Democratic Party’s operations even if Biden is never replaced.
  5. Under Biden’s regime, the current anti-authoritarian transformation of society will continue to shift further leftward resulting in more governmental control of people’s economic and social lives. America will end up being turned into a communist-style State under the absolute control of Democratic Party’s far-left ideologues.


  1. Thanks for this. Spot on.


  2. Trump hasn’t lost yet. Jeez. You got my pulse up for a minute. Came outside for a smoke break and this your article is the first thing I saw. Trump is still going to win, even if it has to go into dispute.

    • I hope you’re right!

  3. Biden was NOT elected!

  4. There is a deeper meaning in the Dems’ slogan “Battle for the soul of America”. They want to replace the core (the soul) with the secondary layer.

  5. This was not a victory for Biden. If allowed to stand it will be a stolen election. We are witnessing the murder of Christ yet again.

  6. How many young American boys died to bring democracy to the world to make this planet a safer place for life?! How many trillions were spent to safe democracy?! Only to allow this Communist takeover by this Maoist scum?! To tolerate this is itself an act of treason!

  7. WATER PIPES: In Georgia, there was an “accidental” water pipe rupture which ruined a large batch of votes at the polling location.
    ATLANTA: Pn election night in Atlanta, the poll workers “got tured” and decided to stop counting votes and go home early.
    POST OFFICE: Project Veritas reported on a whistleblower in the postal service… His boss instructed him to postmark late ballots with stamps dated for the previous day.
    DEAD VOTERS: A handful of voters between the ages of 118 and 120 years old are recorded as having voted. One was even 170 years old.
    OBSERVERS: Poll watchers are supposed to be able to observe the ballot counting process. In Pennsylvania, they are being barred from entering in and watching.
    200% TURNOUT: In some counties, there are more recorded ballots than there are registered voters. In some cases twice as many.
    WATERMARKS: Allegedly, according to hearsay, a secret safeguard was set in place by security agencies, where a hidden watermark was secreted on all true ballots. Now that fraud is being investigated, law enforcement will be able to easily identify counterfeit ballots.

    So with all these discrepancies, and the verbal reassurances of Trump, and legal actions… It has a definite appearance of an attemp by the Democrats to steal the election.

    • Thank you.

  8. What Joseph Stalin said:
    “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this—who will count the votes, and how.”

  9. Who is stealing elections in America? Who is the enemy of the U.S.? One just has TO LOOK at the countryside! The cancer of Globalists/Communists who create NOTHING but only destroy. All those “Reichian” and pseudo-“orgonomic” fools who argue that Reich was “still a Marxist,” when he died, and, accordingly, voted for Modju Harris (and that senile idiot) are blind and deaf:

  10. Greetings from Greece. I share your fears about the ‘democrats’ taking over power in the US. In addition to what you said, I am also concerned about the ties of the democratic party with the muslim brotherhood and the impact of their foreign policy to the Eastern Mediterrenean and Middle East. Thank you for your post.

    • You’re welcome.

  11. Coudnt have said it better my self Dr Konia. Thank you! We are in deep doodoo unless the results can be successfully overturned…a doubtful proposition at best.

    • you’re welcome

  12. The right cartoon

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